"I Love" Sunday's v.48

Hey ya'll!

I hope this post finds you guys well!
You guys! It has been one heck of a busy week for me!

** Monday saw me spending pretty much the whole day at one of the Regensburg Hospitals with my friend for her pre-op appointment. She was having a C-section the next day, and this pre-op appointment seemed to take all day (it took over 4 hours!) The language barrier was an issue as well as them needing some more paperwork. The hard part was the super long waits between her talking to the individual appointments. I was there simply to watch Dom and keep him entertained, which was a lot easier then I expected. He was really well behaved for me and even let me carry him. He doesn't let anyone but his parents carry him usually. After that we met up with her husband and K and we went to dinner at our favorite place!

He and I were in this small little waiting room in the maternity ward and he missed his nap for the day.
He randomly likes laying on the floor with his stuffed raccoon.
It was too cute!
P.S. German hospitals are a LOT cleaner then American ones (pretty much all of their establishments are cleaner and are cleaned on a daily basis by cleaning staff) so his mom had no qualms with him laying on the floor. I checked because I know people can be really uptight about that.
** On Tuesday I had to drive to Graf to see Transition. The bad part was I kept getting sent to the wrong offices because I am a special case concerning getting out, so I have to do things a little differently. However, when I finally found the right person, she took pity on me and a process that was supposed to take 3 days only took her 1.5 hours and I finally got my orders! That means I can start getting ready to leave Germany. 

I also got to try a Butter beer Frappucino finally, which wasn't too bad. I tried twice last week at two separate Starbuck's, but each time no one knew how to make it. I finally found someone who knew how to make it! It was yummy! There was a little too much caramel or toffee or something like that for me, but that is just a personal preference.

** The newest addition to my friend's family is finally here and she is cute. She was born on Tuesday and her and mom came home from the hospital on Friday. I can't wait to meet her this week during Thanksgiving.

This is Dom's first time meeting his baby sister.
He's too cute as a new older brother.
** So I spent Wed-Fri doing everything I could to clear everything necessarily on base. This is just a lot of running around to a bunch of different places, there were even some places that I never in-processed when I got here last year.... it's special. I am no longer responsible for any military equipment, which is a huge relief! I also have some super awesome S-1 (personnel actions and paperwork) people who are going out of their way to help me with my award and getting my promotion orders. I need these orders before I go back to get my DD-214 on this coming Wednesday. I think I should have them tomorrow, which is amazing because, again, this process usually takes a while but I am a special case. I also got my car scheduled for shipping this week as well as the appointment for the movers to come pack and ship my household goods. These are both huge weights off my shoulders. 

** Friday night was another round of karaoke. I was supposed to go to Czech this weekend, but due to everything that happened in Paris last weekend, people are hesitant to let us go visit other countries at the moment, this was a bummer... but I still managed to find something to do on my last free weekend. So I actually got up and sang this time. The first time it didn't sound right (my friend Brandi said it was good but you could tell I was nervous), but I decided to get back up and try singing Evanescence (Bring Me To Life) is my go-to song for pretty much anything that involves me singing on the spot. Needless to say, I really rocked that song! I was super excited about that. <--- such a music nerd sometimes.

** So I have already started to pack up everything in my room. I am working on organizing it into several piles: keep, donate, give to friends, and carry on the plane. My household goods won't arrive until the end of January, so I have to bring enough stuff I can live off of until my stuff gets there. ((hopefully I'll have my own house before my stuff shows up)). It looks like a bomb went off in my room! Thankfully K is being awesome and coming to help me pack and organize. She keeps me on track and from procrastinating. Plus I get more done if I have help :) I absolutely hate packing!!!

.: Little Loves:.

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