Today is the Day!

Today is the day ya'll

Today is the day that the movers are coming!

This is what packing looked like last week.
I thought my room was a mess then!

I always hate this part of moving, especially in the Army. I know I have a lot of stuff, or at least it seems like I do, but all of my stuff is crammed into one room! My thought process is that if I have to live in this room for however long, I am going to enjoy it, have it decorated like I want it, and have the things that I want in it. I've showed you guys plenty of pictures of my room in the past (especially if you follow my Instagram) so you guys know I have lots of stuff.

This morning is is all packed or organized for the movers to pack the rest of it. It's a little ridiculous in here. I've separated the stuff that needs to be mailed off, the stuff that needs to be taken to the Thrift shop, and the stuff that is going to be hand carried by me onto the airplane. Thankfully I am allowed two checked bags and two carry on bags. This means I have packed a suitcase and a duffle bag to check and a backpack and my camera bag to carry on. My household goods (what the movers are taking) aren't supposed to arrive to the States until the end of January. This is all my stuff (tv, other clothes, xbox, fabric and sewing machine, craft stuff not necessary for December Daily, my big printer, ect). 

Of course, as I start typing this, the movers have arrived. They are German Nationals that made a big deal out of how much stuff I have. I'm somewhere between amused and insulted. They speak English but are only speaking in German at the moment, so I am trying not to pay them too much attention. The moving company in the States was much nicer and friendlier. Oh well.... at least I don't have to move all my stuff, right? And I at least did the hard part and packed the tuff boxes up already. Thats where the majority of the clothes I am not carrying and my office stuff went. I tried to put lose stuff in boxes to make it easier. Oh well.... you can't please everybody.