YouTube: October Daily Final Flip through & reflections

Happy Friday friends!

I actually leave tomorrow for the States, by the way!

This is the last video of the 2015 October Daily project series.

I really did love this project! I enjoyed December Daily last year, so when I saw that there was an October version, I definitely jumped on the chance to participate. It was definitely interesting doing this project in a travelers notebook insert. The upside of this is that I don't have to worry about pocket pages or whether or not I have enough PL cards to fit. There are no rings or anything to worry about. The downside was that it was a smaller book to work with and it got pretty bulky pretty quickly. Not as much as a regular 6X8 album would (obviously), but I can't keep it closed without some kind of strap holding it closed. Right now I have just been using a stretchy cloth headband I found laying around on my desk.

Stay turned for next Monday, which starts the December Daily 2015 series here on my blog and on YouTube!