2016 Goals

First off, let me start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS (EVE) to all of you lovely readers!

I am really behind on my December Daily album, but I will be getting caught up here shortly. I'll be sharing posts here once I get the pages done! I can't seem to help but fall behind apparently!

On to my goals though!

** Create Dreamer Inserts- I want to create some hand decorated inserts for people to purchase. Now that I am Stateside again, this will be much easier then when I was in Germany. My goal is to sell at least 10 inserts this year!

** Blog regularly-

 More regularly then what I have been doing. This month has been easy because there is a lot of things that have been going on. I can't wait to be crafting and what not more regularly, so hopefully I will have more things to post about!

** Go to the gym- My roommate and I both signed up for a gym, and I can't wait until my running shoes get here so I can go to the gym! I need to start working out again to help me feel better about myself...

** Apartment- I need to rent an apartment and get it set up in a way that I love! I already have quite a few things I will need from a few years ago, but there are a to of things I still need (a bed.... couch.... kitchen table, etc!)

** School- I am currently waiting for two separate schools to get back to me about how many of my previous credits they will accept to determine which school I will be going to.

** Get a part time job- Due to some recent events in my life... I will need to get a part time job (at least until my photography takes off). So now I need to find a place that is hiring! I have a couple of places that I am looking at, but I need to see which one will hire me first.

** Con List/plans- Since I am back in the States, I plan to start going to Cons and stuff to fulfill my nerdiness. I gotta make a list, make some costumes, and save up money and what not to attend!

** Food planning- I want to start planning meals every week to stay on a budget and start eating healthier. It's not bad, living with my roommate, but I want to be prepared for when I move into my own place.

** Crafting-  Of course there will be craft plans. I want to start attending Craft fairs again, open an Etsy.... sell my crafts! And make things because making things make me happy.

** Memory Keeping- Keep doing it! And try to stay on top of it! I want to do October Daily and December Daily again this coming year, do Week In The Life as well.... and any other memory keeping project I can find in the scrap world!

** Rebuild my savings- Thanks to the recent events I mentioned in the job bullet... all the money I had in savings is pretty much gone... so I need to rebuild it. This will be easier when my disability money comes in from the VA, money I get for going to school, and getting a job and selling crafts.

** Read more- pretty self explanitory!

I know this is quite a long list of goals, but they are for the year and are on going goals really. Hopefully sharing this with you guys will help keep me accountable!

Do you have any goals for the new year?