December Daily 2015: Day 1

Hey everyone! Happy December 1st! I hope that today finds you well!!!

Today I wanted to share with you the first story in my insert (baring anything extraordinary happening tonight when everyone gets home)

For the title, I cut up a piece of blue, white, and red stripped washi tape into an arrow shape and used a silver 1 sticker from my collection. The word December is part of Ali Edwards' Storytelling With December Daily stamp kit that I just stamped on with my new black Stazon Ink.

The Keep Calm meme is one that I found in one of the December Daily groups I am part of on Facebook and I couldn't help but print it and use it in today's spread.

Since this is a scrap-journal, most of what I do is journaling.
I started today off a little backwards, but that's ok. I get to be creative with my projects. Haha

The first thing I talk about is lunch with my dear friend Kelli. I haven't seen her since shortly before I moved to Germany, and other then Amy and Memphis, she is the first person I have seen since I got back! I am super excited that I got to have lunch with her. The first page is me just talking about lunch and a summary of what we talked about. 

Here is a better look at the picture that we took before we left. She is taller then me so she is kind of crouching to be my height, which just makes me laugh. The "Be Merry" tab is from the 2014 December Daily kit. I had originally wrote directly on the picture at the top but it smudged, so I covered it with some silver washi tape, then a kraft tag with cold lining, I wrote my best friend on it, then added a red polka dotted heart on top of that. 

The back of the picture is just a black piece of scrapbook card stock covered in gold polka dots that I got in the RUKristin Find Your Voice kit earlier this year. I used some black and gold polka dotted washi tape to make it a tip in, then used some white thicker to write "the best" on it.

The second page is all about this morning and how Amy and I sat there after we dropped Memphis off at school and just talked. We talked about everything that happened since I left almost 2 years ago. It was awesome for us to get caught up because we both spent most of our time alone and haven't really had someone to just sit there and talk with. I mean I had friends (and so does she) but I didn't really want to bother them because they were always at work while I wasn't. Any who, it was awesome for us to just sit there and talk. I am glad that I am staying with them. I'm actually looking for a place to live in this apartment complex as it is. I'll know more about that later on this week.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out day one in my December Daily project. I will do my best to photograph and share as often as I can. Every week (just like my October Daily) I will try to share a flip through video, where I will talk a little more about what happened each day. 

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Thanks for stopping by!
See ya tomorrow!