Disney Trip 2015: Part 2

Hello and welcome back for part 2 of my Disney mini series!

The second part of our trip picked up at the Epcot theme park! We took the monorail from Magic Kingdom, switched monorails at the Ticketing station, and then continued on the way to Epcot! 

As soon as we walked into Epcot, we were greeted by a winter Minnie and Mickey sculpture made from the plants, which is gorgeous. Once again we needed to get a picture with the ball in the background and got to do that with Minnie and Mickey in the middle! I absolutely loved it and the photographer was a sweet man who appears to have the patience of a saint. People were so impatient and jumping in front of other people and he just took a deep breath and went with it.

After that we headed to the wheel chair rental, because I just couldn't deal with it anymore. My feet and legs were just in so much pain, and luckily the wheel chairs could be rented for $12 for the day, however it was one Lindsay had to push me around in. It made me feel bad for her, but at that point even my cane wasn't going to be of any help.

On the way to the wheelchair rental, on the reverse side of Minnie and Mickey, was this Stitch! He was too cute and of course we had to get a picture with him as well! We're such Disney nerds!

After that, we rented the wheel chair and then headed over to get some ears! I got a Minnie Santa hat and Lindsay got some Jack ears! We did a little more shopping inside and when we came out we were surprised to see how dark it had gotten in such a short period of time!

I know I said I would do another post to show you what I bought, but I couldn't help but share the hat now!

This is another attempt at a bokeh tree, which worked out since there were so many people with ZERO situational awareness of people around them. It doesn't help that I was in a wheelchair, so even though Lindsay was standing behind me, it appeared that no one saw me trying to take a picture or no one even cared. Either way, I love the lights in this picture.

On our way around The World Showcase we saw Daisy Duck, so I made myself stand long enough to get her picture. I just really didn't want a picture with her while I was in the wheelchair.... maybe that is a little weird of me. I also got her signature (it's what I'm holding behind my back).

After that we hurried around to the center of the back of the park, where the Disney Candlelight Processional is always held. Like I mentioned in my first post, this was the whole reason we made this trip. Lindsay and I sang at this event for at least 3/4 of our high school years. 

For those that don't know, the chorus members are basically singing a story and each day it's narrated by a famous singer or actor. The narrator for this day was America Fererra, but they've had Reba, Gary Sinise, Trace Adkins.... the last year I sang at this it was the voice of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog! It's awesome!!!

Needless to say, we could still sing every song and we had fun watching the show. It brought back memories of our chorus teacher when we were practicing and we were giggling. Just so you know, we were actually outside the roped off area and not a part of the main audience, which is why we were okay singing along and giggling quietly.

This is two sides of the same tree which was set behind the stage for the Candlelight Processional. We had stopped for some funnel cake and a gift for her mother, so while I waited, I had to snap several pictures of the tree! Because, just like everything else in Disney, it's absolutely gorgeous!

The last thing we did before we headed back home was to stop at Japan in The World Showcase! This is always a must see for Lindsay, because she loves Japanese culture. As we were leaving, I managed to snap this picture. The Epcot ball was all lit up and could be seen underneath a Japanese style arch. This is a gorgeous sight, and thankfully I was able to darken it a bit to hide all the people that were in the way! 

After that we headed back home, which is about a 2 hour trip or so, depending on traffic. She and my parents live on the west coast of Florida and Orlando is in the center of the state. So we were waiting at the monorail and happened to meet an awesome cast member who has become a new friend for us! We hope to see her at future conventions and what not! Super stoked!

It was a fantastic trip and we're making plans to go back for Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween in October!.

Stay tuned either this weekend or the start of next week to see all the goodies that I purchased while we were at the parks! Several awesome goodies!