25 Before 25

So I am a little bit behind on this, but seeing as how I have only been 24 since November... but I like challenges! (Like I don't have enough stuff going on....)

1. Get settled // I really just need to get settled in a place. My household goods have arrived from Germany, which is good to know. However, I really need to get this job situation settled to make sure I can keep my current apartment. I need to get actual stuff for a house (couches and tables and what not). It's all stressing me out.

2. 10 new recipes // I really like to cook, and now that I have the ability to do so, I really need to start trying new recipes and expanding on my personal recipe book. I can bake chicken (tonight we're trying something new and marinating the chicken before baking it - I usually rub seasonings on it). Amy (the lovely woman I am living with until my stuff gets in) says I can experiment any time that I want to). Even once I get settled in my apartment, we still live in the same complex, so we can continue hanging out together.

3. 25 new books // I love to read but have been slacking lately. I've been reading tons of blogs, but not enough books. I need to expand my book collection (digital or hard copy).

4. 10 college classes // I told you guys that I will be starting school here soon. I am just waiting on my high school transcripts and a transfer credit evaluation as well as waiting for the next class opening. I'm hoping I can complete a lot of classes!

5. Grow my following // At least 100 followers on my Bloglovin', 150 Twitter followers, 400 Instagram followers, and 50 followers on my Facebook page. I also want to start a blog newsletter with at least 50 subscribers.

6. Travel somewhere new // I dunno where this might be, but I want to travel to some place I have never been, either a new city or a new state.

7. Attend a Blog Conference // Seems kind of simple, but I would love to attend a blogging conference and make new blog friends.

8. Attend MetroCon 2016 // This is the biggest Anime Convention in Tampa, Florida. I went a couple years ago and I would love to go again. My best friend wants to do some group cosplays that I would love to participate in!

9. Attend Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween // I've heard nothing but good things about this event and it combines my two favorite things... Disney and Halloween! I have also been told you see more of Jack and Sally during this time.... which I would absolutely love!

10. Better define my blog style // I know that I am more of a Lifestyle blog that focuses on a few different topics (geek, spoonie life, recipes, crafts, DIY, and memory keeping) and I want to focus more on those topics. I want to build up the posts under these topics.

11. Sell some hand decorated inserts // I really enjoy the Travelers Notebook's and the community around these amazing little items. I want to sell some hand decorated inserts... at least 5!

12. Take part in a craft fair // My best friend Sarah and I used to go to craft fairs all the time to try to sell our handmade crafts. I'm hoping that we can do that again this year! We make a variety of crafts and you can check that out here.

13. Build up savings $2K // I had a good amount of money in my savings, but things kept coming up when I moved home, so the amount of money in my savings has been serious depleted. I really want to rebuild my savings to a comfortable amount.

14. Earn an income from my blog // This one is pretty self explanatory I think. I want to do sponsorship and advertising, and make this blog into a community. Eventually (probably not this year) I would like to move to blogging full time.

15. Make my own graphics // My father is a computer programer and he's pretty awesome at making pretty stuff. I want to learn how to make and code my own graphics and maybe even build a simple layout. I want to make my own graphics and maybe start selling some simple graphics.

16. Volunteer // Now that I am at a more permanent address, I want to find someplace to volunteer my time if possible. Either on base ( I'm near Fort Bragg ) or at least within the Fayetteville area.

17. 10 New Books // I want to read 10 new to me books. I love to read and I haven't been reading nearly as much as I have wanted too.

18. 10 New Movies // I also want to watch 10 new to me. Luckily there are a lot of new movies coming out in theater this year, although there are some movies that are already out or have been out that I can watch.

19. 5 sessions // I want to host at least 5 separate sessions for my photography business. Since I am stateside now, I am more willing to travel to other cities or states to have some photography sessions. I can't wait to focus more on photography! If you're interested in my work, please let me know! I want to build my following on my photography business as well... which is going to be a lot of work. At least now I am stateside and can work on this!

20. Host or find a NC Blogger meet-up // I want to find other bloggers in my area that I can get to know and just talk with. Most of my favorite bloggers are well outside my state lines (some are in another country) and I would love to meet bloggers that are a little more local.

21. Build my stock photo collection // I am realizing how important stock photography is becoming for bloggers and I think that I could create my own stock photography collection. I might even offer them for a small fee or solely for my community here on the blog. We'll see what happens here!

22. Craft Space // I want to create a perfect for me craft space where I can do everything that I want too. You guys know that I have a varied craft interest (sewing, photography, drawing/ painting, memory keeping, crochet, tulle bows/ tutu's... etc) and I would love to have a dedicated space JUST to my craft stuff!

23. Halloween Party // Halloween is my favorite holiday (you guys should know this already) and I've always wanted to host a Halloween party for some of my closest friends. I am hoping that I can do that this year.

24. Eat healthier // I finally have a kitchen in which to cook... which means I want to eat out less and eat healthier. This kind of goes along with me wanting to make new recipes.

25. Get in shape //  This goes along with number 24... although there isn't really a final point to this goal like the others (no set number or what not). I just want to feel better in my own skin. I haven't worked out in a while because of my profile with the Army and I want to get back into that. Amy and I joined a gym before the new year and we are going to have to keep each other accountable, which I think will be really helpful!

Do you guys have any more goals with a specific time line?