"I Love" Sunday's v.55

Hello dearest friends!

Happy Sunday

It's been a super busy week (as mentioned on Friday)

** I got my 2016 Travelers Notebook all set up and am loving it. I'll do a walkthrough of the set-up sometime this week for anyone who is interested, but just to let you guys know.... I have my January plan book surrounded by a Midori pocket, my December Daily 2015 (I am trying to get it all finished. Almost done!!!), The business card folder, my blog book, and my 2016 yearly planner. I am still using the custom designed Harry Potter MyDorian made by AltGuild on Etsy.

The review for this product will be up later this week!

** I picked up the key to my new apartment on Thursday. I finally have my own place. Right now, the only thing in there is my new tv stand (which I think is made from real wood instead of the fake stuff and is heavier then I expected when I went to pick it up). This weekend I have been moving some of my stuff from my roommate's place to my new one (It's just a couple buildings over from where I've been staying). I can't really move in yet because my stuff is either on it's way from Germany or still in storage in Florida. I still have to get my utilities all set up, but at least there is a place

** My truck has arrived from Germany! I picked it up on Friday from Charleston, SC and I am beyond excited!!!! I have my car back! I asked my roommate if it would be odd if I hugged my car, she laughed at me!

I sent this picture to my friend when we were talking about how excited I was to have my car back

** I hung out with a new friend Friday night. She is a cashier at Staples and we met when I went to go pick up a new White Signo gel pen for my memory keeping stuff. We bonded over my new Harry Potter necklace (it says "Books turn mugs into wizards) and my Star Wars long sleeve shirt (It's black with Darth Vader on the front, Star Wars written on the side of the two sleeves, and The Dark Side written on the back like a jersey). We went to 2nd and Charles and looked through all of their "nerd stuff" before walking around the mall.

I sent this picture to my roommate's son Mem from 2nd and Charles.

He loves the tv show Friends and we've been binge watching the show on Netflix

** I went and applied at a bunch of place. I've been calling or walking in and asking the status of my application. The lady at Starbucks asked me some questions and gave me her card, saying if I haven't heard from her by tomorrow, to give her a call. 2nd and Charles also took my information to pass to the manager (they're owned by Books-A-Million and the cashier said that it takes forever for them to get applications), and told me that me coming in and asking was a good thing and that's how she got her job. It gives me hope that I might get a job here soon.

** I sent in an application to Kellie Winnell for her 2016 Creative Team Call. This is my first time applying, although I've been considering it for a little while. I'm hoping to get a position, but it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't. Only because there are some AMAZING and talented ladies in the scrapbooking world and I am just a beginner. Gotta start somewhere though!

** So last night I went to my favorite country bar to apply (they said they were hiring). However, the manager on the phone told me the wrong time to show up and I have to come back Wednesday night (kinda annoyed about that... but whatever). The good news is.... I made friends with 3 new couples! Two of the couples were standing outside when we were waiting for the bar to open (Cat and Mike and Michi and Chris). We started chatting (Michi loved me simply because I told her that I was originally from Texas and lived in Florida) and became friends over several rounds of pool. The last couple I befriended (Jess & Aaron) decided to play couple vs couple with one of the first couples, so we ended up talking. Jess was a BLAST! She was more then willing to teach me some of the line dances that I didn't know and we've agreed to meet up there more often so I can learn more of the dances. Overall, it turned into a great night and I am really glad I stayed despite being there by myself!

** This may be proving me as a total nerd, but I am really happy to have access to cable again. For one single reason... HGTV! I spend way too much time watching HGTV shows while multitasking. My favorite shows from HGTV are Fixer UpperProperty Brothers, and Design on A Dime. (( Bonus: all three shows are also on Netflix!))

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this week?