"I Love" Sunday's v.56

Hello dearest dreamers!

I hope you had an awesome week

** Although this isn't much of a happy post, I am rather proud of this post about my first fandom!

A tee shirt I bought from Tee Turtle in his honor. Right now a percentage of each sale is being donated to cancer research

** This week I also have my first guest post that went live this past Friday. I want to build up my collection of chronic illness themed posts, and so I started with this one by a lovely lady named Jacki. She talks about living her life with MS and what she does to try to make her life a little easier.

** Went to an arcade for the first time since like 2011 on Friday. Amy's boyfriend (D) told her that he wanted us to meet up and play a couple of rounds of laser tag. We got to meet his daughter for the first time, Mem and I got to have some serious sibling rivaly on some some of the games, and we played two rounds of laser tag before D and his daughter had to leave. A guy that I have been talking to (M) joined us and we had a blast. After that M, Amy, Mem, and I went to a nice little pizza place for dinner and sat there for a while and talked. Overall, it was a fantastic night. Wish I had thought to get a picture at some point over the night.

** My stuff has arrived from Germany. I've scheduled the drop off date and my friend Sarah will be there with me to hang out when all my stuff gets dropped off. I'll just be super happy to have all my stuff.

** My first check for my Army retirement came in, which made me super excited because I was worried that it wasn't going to show up before I really needed it. I still really need a job, but at least I know that my bills will be covered for the rest of this month and the start of February. I am trying to be optimistic here!

** This weekend has been a Harry Potter marathon with my best friend Sarah, her son Ry and daughter Molly, and Mem. It took all weekend to finish the series, but we loved it! Sarah and I also made dinner for Amy both nights since Amy works weekends.

** So about two months before I left Germany I ordered this awesome hoodie from a website via Facebook. The only issue is that it never arrived before I left, so once I got back home to NC, I contacted the company about it and they sent me a new one. It finally arrived this week. I'll share a review on the sweater and the company later this week if anyone is interested.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving this week?