Review: Custom MyDorian from AltGuild

Hello my dearest Dreamers!

As most of you know, I am obsessed with Travelers Notebooks ((thanks MOM)), they've become a big feature here on my blog. Well, I am part of several Facebook groups and I'm always looking for good leather covers. I stumbled upon Chris from AltGuild and decided to give his leather covers a try ((c'mob, don't judge..... check out his page and you will see all of the custom geeky orders that he makes and it makes you want to get one yourself!))

Nerd alert ahead!

I sent Chris a message over Etsy and he worked with me to create my newest obsession (and addition) to my TN collection: my custom Gryffindor themed Wide TN cover.

My photo doesn't do this beautiful book justice

For real... I absolutely love this cover. It is hand stamped and hand painted, with two strings to keep it closed, and four strings on the inside to hold inserts. I personally use Large Caheir Moleskine notebooks, which fit perfectly in a Wide cover. I don't have to cut anything down (which is awesome because that is a serious pain in the butt).

This image belongs to AltGuild but this is my beautiful cover that Chris made for me

Chris was super easy to work with and communicated consistently and quickly. We originally discussed this product while I was in Germany. He completed my order very quickly and it was ready to go shortly before I left Germany. I asked him to change the address it was going to be sent to (my leave date kept changing) and it arrived shortly after I arrived back in the States.

Like a week later.

The leather is nice and supple, it's thick. The stamping is beautifully done and the color work is gorgeous. You can create your own cover through his Etsy shop and it was incredibly easy. I told him that I wanted two strings to keep it closed instead of one, and four bands on the inside to hold insures. I love the fact that he used grommets in the holes the strings come through, it helps keep the integrity of the holes. 

Oh! There is a design on both sides of my cover! Here is another picture from Chris' Facebook page of the whole cover!

This image belongs to Chris from AltGuild

When I messaged Chris originally, I couldn't decide whether I wanted a Gryffindor cover or a Slytherin cover (I love both houses). This is the design he came up with for Gryffindor and I absolutely loved it, so I went with it. In each of the corners he hand stamped a gorgeous little rose design that compliments the overall design wonderfully. 

I have used this notebook every day since I got it in late November/early December. I take it with me everywhere I go and am not really careful with it. I've showed it to several people (one girl at Starbucks asked about it cuz I had it out and I passed on Chris' information to her) and everyone loves it. 

It was reasonably priced for the work that Chris did and how quickly it was completed. It is definitely worth it! If you're interested in a custom TN cover, make sure you check out his Etsy shop above. I recommend that you order one yourself!

Thanks Chris!