21 Questions About Me

Hello dearest Dreamers! I hope this post finds you well. We've been slowly moving our stuff from our apartment to our new house over the last couple of days. Amy works Saturday-Monday, so we only move a couple of car loads after she gets out of work. Memphis and I move some stuff when I have the motivation. We also picked up a gas grill, push land mower, and a loveseat for the den from a friend of mine before she left for California Friday night.

So one of my new favorite blogs to read is the lovely Keating at Keating & Co. and I'm getting caught up on my Bloglovin' list and this post popped up in my feed. It is a list of 21 questionsthat she answered and then tagged her readers to participate in. I love learning more about the people behind the blog, so I figured (a little late) that I would share my own answers with my lovely readers. Here we go:

1  |  Are you named after anyone?  

Not that I am aware of. I asked my mom who my birth mother named me after and we have absolutely no idea.

2  |  When was the last time you cried?  

Not TV/movie related? Probably around Christmas time when my debit card information was stolen and I couldn't buy any presents for ANYONE in my family in Florida.

3|  Do you have kids?  

I do not, but as you know, I do live with a 13 year old boy that I call my nephew (for the sake of ease of explaining the dynamic of the "McNaugle" family.

4  |  If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?  

I would like to think so, but I know that I am hard to handle sometimes

5  |  Do you use sarcasm a lot?  

God yes. Sometimes it how I cope with situations. Other times it's kind of inevitable and an involuntary response.

6  |  Will you ever bungee-jump?  

Not a chance in hell. It's no so much a fear of heights, but more a fear of falling to my death after the cord used breaks because I have craptastic luck. 

7  |  What’s your favorite cereal?  

I don't usually eat cereal anymore, but when I do, it's Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Cherrioes with extra sugar.

8  |  What’s the first thing you notice about people? 

It depends on how they catch my attention, does that make sense? There are so many people around me every single day, so it depends on what they do that catches my attention. Usually it's people's voices because that is what makes me look. After that it's maybe their eyes, or their laugh, or their clothes. 

9  |  What is your eye color?  

Brown. Usually a dark brown that borders on black.

10  |  Scary movie or happy ending?  

I prefer happy ending. Scary movies are kind of a no go for me now a days, I have an overactive imagination and give myself nightmares. I get a very little amount of sleep as it is, so I don't need help keeping myself awake.

11  |  Favorite smells?  

Hmmm, it depends. I like apple 

cinnamon, some of the boys body washes, and some other wax burning scents. I'd have to pull out my car of scents to tell you for sure.

12  |  Summer or winter?  

Is this really a question?  I have an intense dislike for cold weather... so summer all the way!!!! I like the warmth and being able to be outside in the sun. I don't have issues in high heat (that was helpful in Afghanistan) like most people do and humidity doesn't bother me either. 

13  |  Computer or television?  

Computer. Because I can do so much on my computer. I  don't really watch tv (usually only Legends of Tomorrow and HGTV) but I watch a lot of Netflix.... so this little machine can multitask for me. Like as I am typing this I am listening to Elise Joy's Podcast while typing.

14  |  What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?  

Afghanistan. or Kuwait... I don't know which one is further from the East Coast.... probably Afghanistan. 

15  |  Do you have any special talents?  

Meh. I don't know if they're special talents, but I sing... I'm crafty... and I like to make people happy.

16  |  Where were you born?  

Military hospital on Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, Texas. I have no memories of the base though, I didn't live there very long.

17  |  What are your hobbies?  

Writing, working out, photography, ummmm….stalking people on social media?  I don’t know anymore.  90% of my time nowadays is spent working on this blog and/or schoolwork.

18  |  Do you have any pets?  

We have one dog named Jack.  He’s a three and a half year old German Shepard.  I’d love to get a second one at some point, but one is enough for now.

19  |  Favorite movie?  

Nightmare Before Christmas. The Harry Potter Series. Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Christopher Nolan's Batman series. 

20  |  Do you have any siblings?  

I do! I have a younger sister and another brother by blood. Being raised by my grandmother though (You guys know her as my mom), I gained an older brother (he's my uncle?). There are also a couple of dear friends that I consider family (Lindsay, Ashes, Amy, Josh....)

21  |  What exactly do you want to be when you grow up?  

I want to be a full time photographer who can support myself on my photography. I also want to be a full time blogger and maybe a crafter? All of these things kind of intertwine, which I think is perfect. I love being a barista at MY Starbucks (there are like 4 in my area and they are building more but I love the one I work at specifically) but it's not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. It's basically just a way to support myself while I go to college and figure out my life.

Alright my dearest Dreamers. Now I am tagging you all to participate in this. Share your answers to these questions and leave me a link! Or have you already done these questions? Then do me a favor and share the link!!!!!