Geek Girl Brunch: First Time Go

Hello dearest friends!

I hope this post finds you well!

On Sunday, I mentioned that I attended my first Geek Girl Brunch with my new chapter here in North Carolina and today I wanted to share that experience with you guys and gals!

I originally started with the first European chapter of Geek Girl Brunch in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I made some good friends there and was really sad to leave them behind. They promised me that I would find a good chapter once I returned Stateside and I definitely hoped to believe them. I adore the concept behind Geek Girl Brunch, a way for geeky girls to get together with like minded ladies and talk about our favorite things! We bond over our geeky interests and can sometimes make friends for life!

Sunday was my first brunch with this new chapter and it was great. I had to drive to Raleigh (about an hour away) to meet the ladies for breakfast. It was a nice little café in a familiar little area of the large city. I arrived early (partially because I expected more traffic and it really is engrained in me to be early) and waited in my car to see some people arrive. While I had no idea what the ladies looked like, I knew that it wouldn't be hard to spot each other. I was correct in that thinking because I saw Kathryn across the parking lot carrying some stuff in her hands wearing a Star Wars themed cardigan, so I followed her inside. She was nice enough to already know my name and introduced herself. We chatted while we waited for everyone else to arrive and then brunch kicked off.

There was a group of 6 of us together, and most of us wore Star Wars related shirts or jackets, which was kind of awesome in my head. These ladies were super nice and welcoming and I really liked them.

Kathryn was super cool and made us some stuff. She gave everyone some Aldearn Dust in an ornament as well as a cute little patch type thing made from fabric. I even got an extra one for Memphis since he was bummed that he couldn't go to this brunch himself.

Claire, who is super adorable by the way, showed up in a handmade little jedi dress that was just super adorable, and she brought us all some coloring books and a key chain, all Star Wars themed! Claire is the girl sitting directly to my left in the group picture.

Overall, it was a great couple of hours. I found some new friends, a new artist to follow, and some new shows to watch and manga to read. I really can't wait until next month's brunch!

If you're interested in Geek Girl Brunch make sure to visit their website and find a chapter near you. They have Facebook pages to connect with and other social media. It's definitely worth it if you're looking for a local group of geeky girls like I was. It was a little bit harder for me since I live in a military town.