Hot Topic Top 5 Wishlist

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Although I will be spending this upcoming Valentines Day with my roommate and her son, I am totally okay with that. I've never been a fan of this holiday because I think it's ridiculous that there is one day a year that you're supposed to show your love to your significant other.... I believe in doing that every day possible. I've always felt like that, even when I had a significant other.

Anywho, today I wanted to show you 5 items on my wishlist of things I would love to get from Hot Topic this month. This is all from their website.

For a limited time they are having a 20% off sale online, even on clearance items!

Harley Quinn Split Leg Tights

I have a huge love of Harley Quinn, especially with the Suicide Squad movie coming up this year. I'm thinking of dressing like her to go see the movie, and I think these tights would be perfect.

Star Wars R2-D2 Cord Bracelet

In the original set of movies, R2-D2 was my favorite character in the Star Wars Saga.

Harry Potter Wand & Feather Necklace

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, so this necklace is a no brainer to me!

Marvel Deadpool Earrings

In honor of the moving coming out next week, these earrings would be a perfect but subtle way to demonstrate your love for the Merc with the Mouth!

Marvel Deadpool Kawaii Girls Pullover

Speaking of the upcoming movie, this pullover would be perfect to wear to the premier!

I think these five items are super cute and I might be buying a couple of them once I get paid on Friday. It helps that I have a Hot Topic Card and some discount cards.... it helps feed my addiction to their store. Do you ladies shop at Hot Topic?