"I Love" Sunday's v.59

Happy Sunday Dreamers!

Hope you all have had a good weekend!

** You might have seen this picture on my FB page or my IG from Tuesday. I know that I don't look all that thrilled, but I was tired. I took the picture on my 10 minute break, and really it was a good day. Although I had only worked there for a couple of days, I qualified for my first set of tips ever!!! Being as this is my first serious job other then the US Army, I've never made tips before. It wasn't much, but it was definitely kinda awesome.

** So I finally got my Starbucks hat from my manager. She had to order new ones when I joined the company and they came in on Monday. On Wednesday, my manager handed me my Military Appreciation aprons specifically for spouses and veterans. I took them to the mall to get my name sewn on and picked them up on Friday evening. Little things make me happy. :) 

** I got my taxes done in about 20 minutes on Thursday. Little victories here peeps!

** My roommate converted an old dressed into a nice little entertainment center for the living room. She had it done before I came home from Germany, but we were missing a couple of pieces. We finally got the tv mount thing in the mail and got our new entertainment center all set up. The TV sits much higher then it used to, but the entertainment center itself is much more sturdy then the other one used to be. We no longer have to fear if the old tv stand was bumped the wrong way that everything would come crashing down.

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** Danielle from From Girlie to Nerdy shared a post on The Fairytale Traveler about her trip to the Universal Orlando Celebration of Harry Potter Experience. I am SUPER jealous about this experience and can't believe that I had no idea that it existed until afterwards. What kind of Potterhead am I to not have know that this thing existed.

Note to self: Must go next year!!!!

** Alexz from Spooky Pooky shared her 2016 Valentines Day cards. I love them!!!!! They are free to download, however she asks that you not try to sell them or remove her name from them. Check out her blog for more cards!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?