"I Love" Sunday's v.62

Hello dearest Dreamers

Happy Sunday! I hope this post finds you well!

** Amy's father drove down from Ohio on Monday and I got to meet my new Grandpa. This gentleman is awesome and I am grateful to have met him. We went to Moe's for dinner, which is always one of our favorite places to go. "Welcome to Moe's!"

** Tuesday brought the beginning of our move into the new house, and what an adventure that was! It started raining as soon as we loaded up the trucks and a trailer and stopped once we were finished. Thankfully we had a couple of great friends and coworkers who came over to help with the move, which obviously made things go by much faster. We got the majority of our stuff moved in the few hours before I went to work, despite the rain.

this is just a few of the people who came in to help. A couple of people had to leave before we got around to taking a picture.

** Wednesday was the final push to get all of our stuff moved out of the old apartment and into the new house. I thought that I had to work but didn't, so that went well! The poor TWC guy came over in the morning and got rained on for the whole 2 hours he was there. He was even under the house and thankfully he brought a jump suit. We went to get a tv for Memphis (which he was super excited for) and then we went to get a box spring for me (which of course meant it was time for the sky to open up and POUR down on us). We were driving down the road holding onto the mattress, which meant the inside of the car was soaked and then once we got home, Grandpa was standing in the WORST spot when Amy and I went to move the mattress and he then got DUMPED on yet again. Apparently the universe thought he needed another bath.

** Friday was my day off and I got to spend some time with my boyfriend. He was out in the field all week, but they let everyone come back on Friday (after 2 days of being poured on) and he came over and hung out for quite away. Amy was excited to have an excuse to fire up our new grill and make some Italian Sausage and Hamburgers. Dinner is always fun in this house.

** Saturday was our first night out in quite a while. Amy and I joined a couple of her EMT friends for dinner last night, and I love being able to see some of those girls. The service wasn't that great, but it was still nice to see people and for Amy and I to get out of the house. Memphis later joined us after his friends birthday party. We got ice cream once we were done, which is always a great way to end the day.

** I thought I had to open this morning, but it turns out that I had to work this evening. This is awesome because Mem and I got to sit around all morning while I got caught up on The Arrow. I love lazy days at home.

** This song was my jam on the way home from work today. It's a good lesson to learn and I love it! It's on my iPod because I like another one of her songs, but have never heard this one before. I really like it!

.: Little Loves :.

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