My first week

Hello dearest friends!

Today I wanted to tell you my thoughts over the first week of my new job.

On Monday I got the phone call that I got the barista job working at Starbucks. Let me just tell you how relieved I was to have gotten that phone call. 

Little back story for new readers: I was medically retired from the military at the end of December. I came home on terminal leave two days after Thanksgiving and have been staying with my dearest friend Amy and her son Memphis.  My initial plan was to start going to school ASAP through my GI Bill, which means that I can finish my BA in Business Management while getting a monthly housing allowance. I will also be getting retirement pay from the US Army until my VA retirement pay kicks in.

However, not everything works as planned for me. It was a little harder to get the school stuff completed since it was December, so it has taken much longer. My mother sent me sealed copies of my transcripts last week that I now have to turn in to the school to hopefully get accepted ASAP!

In the mean time, I decided that I needed to get a job. Partially because I need the money ( the Army money isn't enough to function on a monthly basis ) and partially because I need something to do with all my newfound extra time. I get antsy just sitting around after a while. It's driving me nuts! So, I started applying to jobs all over the city but no one wanted to hire me because I didn't have the experience they wanted. However, I got really lucky with Starbucks. She didn't care that I didn't have any customer service or barista experience, and she was rather impressed with my experience in the Army. She hired me rather quickly and Tuesday was my first day at work. 

Training has gone really easy this first week, it's been a lot of watching videos and reading things coupled with learning what needs to be done to both open and close the store. It's nice to have a job again. It doesn't pay nearly as much as I was hoping, but its definitely a start. There are tons of benefits that I wasn't aware of until I got the job. It's kind of cool. It's only part time, but I still get the benefits of a full time employee. This will work really well when I finally start school. Overall, I really enjoy working at Starbucks so far. I know that there will be days when I hate my life, but that comes with any job. It's a friendly place to work and we all get along (as of now). Everyone is really helpful to me and patient when I don't know how to do something. 

This upcoming week is all about learning to make the drinks and what not. I'm kind of excited. Let's see what the future holds for me from here on out! Wish me luck!