My surprise

Hey Dreamers,

Happy Friday!!!!!

So as some of you may have read (and some people already know), that I have a big surprise that I have been dying to talk about. I know that my mom reads my blog and follows my social media for the blog, so I haven't been able to say anything until today (thanks Mom! Haha.... I love you!!!!).

My roommate Amy and I decided to continue living together and we're renting a beautiful house just down the road from our current apartment. We picked up the keys to the house today and will start moving into the house over the course of this coming week! Amy's Dad is driving all the way from Ohio to help us move and we couldn't be happier or more thankful for all his help.

I'll be sharing pictures over the course of the week as we get moved, settled, and unpacked, and eventually I'll share a big post about my new room (guys.... I'm going to have my own room with my own big girl bed....) and the set up of the craft room which is going to double as my office for my photography business. 


I'm excited to still be living with Amy and her son Memphis. They've been super awesome to me since I have come home and you guys have heard me call them my little family over the course of the last couple of months. We get along so well, both Amy and I cook dinner (either together or before the other comes home from work), we'll have someone to craft with, and we just really like living together.

It's still in the same neighborhood that our apartment is on, just off the main road. It's actually closer to Memphis' school and some of his friends. It's just a gorgeous house and we adore the family that we're renting it from. They are a sweet couple. We met the husband, Chuck, last Friday when we dropped off the deposit and he is a cool dude. We talked about the military (inevitable when people learn I am a veteran) and his wife was more then proud to show us Chuck's handiwork on the house they live in. He's redone a good part of the house by himself and it looks incredible.

Our new house is in a nice little neighborhood. It's a two story house with 2.5 bathrooms, a cozy living room, a formal living room and a formal dining room (my office). It has an eat in kitchen and a den that we're turning into Memphis' game room. Amy will live on the ground floor in the master bedroom and then Memphis and I will share the second floor with our two rooms and a bathroom.

I can't wait to show you guys photos of our new house once we get settled.

So I didn't even tell my mother about us renting a house together until today because I wanted to make sure that everything was set before I told her. She really was hoping that Amy and I would continue living together and I know that this makes her super happy! It's because she worries about me and living with Amy makes her worry less. She's also adopted Amy and Memphis into our family and their family has done the same for me. I've gained another sister and a nephew! Woohoo! Anyway, I just really wanted everything to be set before I told her, in case anything went wrong.

Be on the lookout next week for another house related post and keep an eye on my Instagram for pictures of the moving shenanigans!