Review: Deadpool Movie [[SPOILERS ALERT]]

Hello Dreamers!

My little family (plus two) went and saw Deadpool in theaters the day after it came out. I told myself that I would wait TWO WEEKS before sharing my review, hoping to give you dreamers time to see the movie. I hate when people spoil movies for me, so I decided to wait. But I can wait no more! 

Deadpool was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

I love how it opened with the credits listing the producers as "some asshats" while going through an extreme slow motion fight scene. Deadpan is known for being the Merc with a mouth, and he most definitely lived up to that title in this movie. I knew, from the trailers, that Ryan Reynolds would be perfect to play Deadpool, and he did not disappoint! Partially because he needed to make up for what they did to Deadpool in X-Men... ((P.S. I really did love the comments about the suit....))

I never read the comic books, Memphis did, but the movie didn't disappoint either of it. I liked the parts where he looked directly to the camera and spoke to the audience, dropping hints left and right. I also appreciated how Deadpool made fun of the X-Men crossed timelines, a few comments about the Avengers, and talking directly about Hugh Jackman. Didn't he open the movie discussing the actor's genital personally?

There was definitely plenty of violence and they warned us about sex and nudity. The best part of that was either when Wade Wilson proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa with a candy ring, she then asks where he was hiding the ring, and the shot pans out to see Wilson just wearing an ugly christmas sweater; or the moment when you see Stan Lee's cameo as an announcer at the trip Club! I was dying throughout this entire movie! Damn near in tears.

So the main point of this story is that Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a dishonorably charged Spec Ops Soldier, who is now a mercenary. He is part of a club that runs a "Dead Pool", placing bets on who is going to die. He meets a girl named Vanessa, who happens to be a stripper, and they eventually fall in love. Then he is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in multiple parts of his body. He is approached by this man who says that he has a cure and can help Wade become a superhero. Mostly, he just wanted to be cured to continue his life with his fiance. He decided to go through with the procedure and meets a man who calls himself Ajax, who reveals that he isn't going to make him into a hero, but into a mindless drone. After the torture they put him through simply to activate any latent mutant genes, he wants revenge... and for Ajax to fix him. In his pursuit of the man who can't feel any pain, he runs into Colossus and another mutant (Negasonic TeenageWarhead) from Xavier's School for the Gifted. He eventually finds Ajax (who kidnaps Vanessa and holds her hostage), knowing that Wilson will come to rescue her. Needless to say, there is a huge fight (and it was funny when he spelt Ajax's name in bodies) and Deadpool managed to win. Then, Vanessa see's his face for the first time since the torture and things work out just fine in the end.

Like I mentioned above, I was cracking up throughout the whole movie. Deadpool wanted to come across as an anti-hero, but this was definitely more of his origin story. I loved the blind lady that he ended up living with for a while. I loved his buddy that was a bartender and the bar that they spent a lot of time in. I loved the sassiness of Vanessa. I just loved the entire movie! I would definitely see it again!

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