"I Love" Sundays v.64

Hello dearest Dreamers!

Happy Sunday!

So the only reason that this post is so late today is because I am visiting my parents in Florida for the weekend. I had to clean out my storage unit there so I can stop spending $70-ish a month to house stuff that I want in my house anyways. I drove down yesterday and unfortunately leave tomorrow... but it's been nice none-the-less. I did however find my cowboy hat, which made me super happy.

** After arriving home yesterday my best girls Ashes and Lindsay came over for a visit and we headed out to the beach for a walk. On the weekends there are usually street vendors out and about selling stuff, but the weather kind of prevented that this time around. Which probably worked out better in the end since apparently it's Spring Break week here....

** My first check came in from the VA finally, which was nice. I was a little concerned that it got lost in the mail, but it eventually arrived.

** While getting my oil changed on Tuesday, I made friends with the guys that worked there. I brought them coffee from work, so they said they would help me out next time I had to come in for some work on my car. They were just great guys to talk to, so I don't think I'd be going anywhere else anyways.

** Got to have lunch with Lee again this week. It's always nice to be able to meet up for lunch in the middle of the day. I see him most evenings, but lunch is always nice too. :)

** Saint Patrick's Day was definitely a blast, both at home and at work. We got to dress up at work, and we all kind of went all out on it! Amy made corn beef and cabbage, potatoes, and some other Irish things for dinner (which was awesome) and then I took some food to Lee since he had 24 hour duty.

** I also helped my dear friend Sarah start the stuff for her own blog. Once we get some stuff finalized, then I will share her with you guys. She is writing a blog about her blended family, children with autism, having a newborn, and just starting over.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week???