Welcome to the McNaugle House

Hello friends

and Happy Saturday

I know that I've talked to you guys about how excited that I am to move into our new house. I've been promising to share our new house with you guys, but we've been super busy! That and I kept forgetting to get before pictures of the furniture before they were all painted. 

Last night was our little housewarming party. It was great. I intended to take a bunch of pictures, even charged my camera, but I completely forgot. I got a couple of pictures with some people that showed up early to help us get set up, but once everyone started arriving, I forgot about taking pictures. 

Before everyone came over (minus Sarah, she came over in the morning to help), Amy and I cleaned the house, hung some of my pictures and stuff, and got the office areas in order. We set up the printing station, bookshelves, and attempted to put the new drawer pulls onto the hutch (but we don't have the right sized hardware for that). Lee and I painted our office desk about a week earlier, Amy and I painted the hutch and the kitchen table, and she painted the two folding tables and end tables she bought. We went with a chalk finish paint for everything, either in White, Black, or a Dark Grey. 

Amy did the main stenciling and I went back over for the detail work. She told me she didn't have the patience for that, so I had to do it. Which is fine with me. Once we finished the table, we removed the painters tape along the edges and then covered the top in a light wax coating to protect the top.

Sarah and Molly Girl were hanging out with Amy and I outside and we cut a piece of plywood for our new printer area. Molly Girl is such a diva girl sometimes. It's adorable.

The boyfriend also came over early to help with anything else that we needed to do. Which was basically just me cooking some Garlic Parm Knots.... which were a hit once again.

It took Sarah and I two tries to take this picture since Lee and Mem decided to photobomb the first one we took.

My desk top is white and the legs are black. The kitchen table has black legs, a dark grey top, and a white pattern. The hutch is black, and everything else is grey. 

We hung several of my things on the walls from my time in the Army. Amy hung two collages of the kids, and several paintings that she (and one her mother did) did at a Wine and Paint kind of thing. This place really is starting to look like a home!

We love our new house and can't wait for the rest of the adventures that await us in this house!!!!

Coming soon I'll have some more home related posts, especially one that focuses on our craft spaces! ((We say plural craft rooms because they are two rooms that are connected by an opening without doors. We're using them both for our craft stuff)).