"I Love" Sunday's v.66

Hey Dreamers

Happy Sunday!

** Amy and I finally started building our desk's. Although we have one in the center of the room, we both agreed that we need more work space, especially for me to do photography related stuff. We're building the desks out of some doors we got from a resale warehouse, some 24X6 legs, and a white piece of something that's like a white board to cover the top. That's a horrible description, but yeah. Haha. Basically the door's are made to be used inside a trailer, so they're not very thick and I could potentially put a whole through it if I am not careful, so we decided to cover the top of it with something flat that I can't easily put a whole through and the gentleman at Lowe's suggested this material... it's a bonus that I can write on it with whiteboard markers.

** I finished volume four of my scrap journal and began volume five. Volume four covers January through March of this year. As mentioned on Thursday, there will be a video and blog post in the near future. Once I get the motivation, time, and the space to make the video.

** I am working on a series of blog posts about my bullet journals for those that are interested. I love seeing how my planning method has evolved and what has worked and hasn't worked for me. I've been watching a ton of videos and reading through a ton of blog posts about bullet journaling. I love that I am constantly learning and constantly inspired.

** Lee comes home from the field today. I'm looking forward to this because I just need a hug. My fibromyalgia has been kicking me in the face more in the past month then it has in a while, including the anxiety and what I now know is depression. I just need a hug and to relax with my favorite guy.

** We've spent this past week making a new recipe every night of the week. It's been fun experimenting and thankfully we've made a bunch of recipes that we love. I'll be sharing the recipes with you all in the coming weeks for those that are interested in trying them out for themselves.

** I painted my dresser and bedside shelf last night and they both look awesome. I used a matte chalk finish paint in a black color, like we did with our other furniture. The only thing left is my cubed shelf, which shall get painted tonight after dinner. I also bought two small bookshelves (one for my room and the other for my office) and put those together. Yesterday was a super productive day for me!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?