"I Love" Sunday's v.67

Hello dearest Dreamers

So I know that I promised that I would be posting more... but once again life gets in the way. -.-

What's even weirder is that I am posting this on a Monday instead of a Sunday.... but more on that one later.

** So I finally got a North Carolina Drivers License.... which will help if I decide to try to change jobs and work for the city. I guess that means that I am officially a North Carolinian.....

** I bought an official Bullet Journal from bulletjournal.com and it arrived just a few days later. I cannot wait to begin school in June so that I can use it!!!! 

** I finally finished painting all the furniture in my bedroom. The dresser took forever but the two shelves took a lot of paint. I also added some new handles so everything matches, thankfully and unintentionally.... it matches my nightstand that I bought from Ashley Furniture. I really need to get some pictures taken so that I can show you guys. 

** I finally got my framed pictures back from Hobby Lobby. It took forever but they are back and they look great! I also got some new pens and a new pen case from there as well, which I am stoked about. I like trying new pens out and seeing which ones that I like the most to use.

** Amy and I went and picked strawberries the other day, which was kind of awesome. I think we got upwards of 7 lbs each, which is a LOT of strawberries! Neither one of us had done that before, so it was also something new to try.

** I got to see my buddy Minix again for the first time in almost 3 years. He and I went to middle and high school together and then we both joined the Army. We were stationed at Bragg together 2012 until I moved to Germany. I've always considered this dude one of my brothers and I was just super excited to see him. I got to meet his family and he met Lee.

** So this past weekend was awesome! For the most part. Haha. Lee had a four day weekend, so we got to spend most of it together. I worked Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning. Friday evening we went to dinner with Amy after work and then went to check out the Dogwood Festival. It got rained out so it wasn't that impressive, but it was still something different. 

Saturday morning after I got out of work we drove an hour north to see his band mates for a two day practice. Those guys are great people and I enjoyed spending time with them. We hashed some things out for upcoming shows and what I can do to help and we made steak for dinner. Sunday morning we went and got breakfast as the majority of the group (one guy had to work) and then we wondered around an outlet mall. We had a blast.

The shitty (please excuse my language) part was when we got back and they started to prep for band practice.... my dumb self sliced a section of my hand open... which halted band practice and resulted in a trip to the ER.... yeah.... not fun....don't do that....

 Good news is my hand is alright, I only needed 3 stitches, but it's difficult to do somethings. I had to adjust my typing just to get this done, but it's life. The guys were really good about helping Lee take care of me and getting us to the hospital since we aren't familiar with the area. This is why I am posting a day late.

** Lee and I finally got to go to the beach today! We've been planning this trip for what feels like forever and things keep getting in the way. Even though I sliced my hand open, I decided we were still going to the beach. I just didn't get in the water... but I did get a little burnt (which is fine). The important thing is we had a fantastic day together. Now I'm just sitting beside him while he plays video games.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?