Mini Adventure: Beach Day

Hey Dreamers!

Happy Thursday!!!!

I promised to try to do better with posting... and luckily I had some down time this week to schedule out some posts.

So the entire time Lee and I have been together, we've had just about 4 full days to spend together, including this past Sunday and Monday. 4 days total. I mean, we see each other every night when we both get home from work, but it's nice to have a full day together to be able to do stuff.

We'd been planning a beach trip for at least a month! The first day we planned to go, we got rained on and went to Raleigh instead, the second time he ended up with 24 hour duty, the 3rd time he was in the field, so when I cut my hand on Sunday I was still adamant that we were going to the beach.... I just wouldn't get in the water. So we went!

The drive to Carolina Beach took just over 2 hours to get there, but that wasn't counting our stop for breakfast or time to rewrap my hand and look at my stitches. Apparently the main routes to get there are all back woods routes, which is fine. It just meant more time for us to talk and be silly.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing day together. We laid out on the beach for most of the day and we both got a little burned, but the point of it was to be together and to get some color! I was tired of being damn near neon white. Haha. I'm an Irish Italian... so I do well with either skin tone, but I am used to being quite tan, like my mother.

Once I realized that we forgot the sun screen, we decided to venture back to the main strip and pick some up. We then decided to walk to the store next door to Wings, and it was a little Mom and Pop shop. We found this nice little decoration for the room, and the lady was super sweet. Since Lee killed a wasp for her, she gave me the little coin I wanted for free and then gave him a discount on the  decoration that he bought. She was just the sweetest lady and I look forward to visiting her store again when we go back!

Lee took this photo of me while we were waiting on our lunch. We got some chicken strips and root beer floats for lunch, both of which were awesome! It was a little windy outside, hence my jacket, but it was still a gorgeous day.

It was just a much needed day of relaxation with just the two of us. We found some waterproof bandages that sealed over my hand well enough that I didn't have to worry about sand getting into the stitches or wound. We stayed far enough away from the water and I didn't really do much.

Lee is the best!

Hopefully we'll have more adventures like this in the near future.