Bullet Journaling

Hello lovely Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well!

I know that I have been talking about and promising to write a post about my bullet journal(s).... well, finally...

here it is...

 I'm sure you guys remember when I used to talk about my old planning system, the one in my custom made MyDorian by Chris Bennett. I was using Moleskine inserts for different things, one of my which was my planner inspired by Jenny Penton.

I love the way that she designed her planning system, and it worked for a little while, but then I fell back into my list making style of planning and it just wasn't working right for me. It's a fantastic method, don't get me wrong, it's just... I work better in lists. I'd seen Bullet Journaling across YouTube, first I think I saw Rhomany's in her Travelers Notebook a couple months ago, and I finally decided to look into it since it was becoming so popular (or at least showing up so much on my recommended videos)... and that was it. It was absolutely history for me!

First off, it you have no idea what Bullet Journaling is, stop what you're doing and go watch this video created by Ryder Caroll (the creater of this system). It's ok... I'll wait.

Kara of Boho Berry is a huge inspiration to me. She does some gorgeous work in her own bullet journal and it's inspiring.

property of Kara at Boho Berry. Isn't she talented?

She took Ryder's system and made it her own and it's great! She's shown her own twists to the system that inspire a lot of women to try the system. It's a great way to combine organizational planning and creativity. Seriously, go check out her YouTubeInstagram, or even just her blog. She is also the person that kind of "gave me permission" if that is the right phrase, to keep a separate book for Faith and Scars as well as a master bujo for everything outside my monthly plan books. She herself keeps a regular bujo, one for her blogging and business, and a third one for another business that she helps out with. Seeing that made me feel a little bit better about how I was going to move forward with my planning journey.

Monthly Plan Book

So, this really hasn't changed a whole lot. This one is still a Moleskine Cahier notebook that comes in a three pack from Amazon or Barnes and Nobels. I moved from a blank insert to a grid insert. 

It's still set up the same way, the monthly calendar is first. I've had to start color coding things in different categories so that things stand out a little bit better to me. The colors will be changing again next month since I will be starting school early in the month. 

After that are my goal pages; personal, blog, photography, house, and crafting, they each have their own pages for goals. After that is my weekly spread and then I go into my daily pages. Same basic layout as before. I'll share a walkthrough of May's set up in the next couple of week's. 

I still keep my scrap journal in another insert inside my TN, I haven't abandoned that method of memory keeping. I have to film a video on my latest completed journal for those that are interested. 

Master Bujo

The second bujo that I keep is what I am calling my master bujo. I'm using it for collections and other things that are more long term then my monthly plan books. For this one, I am using a Moleskine hard covered black grid notebook. I was hoping for another color, but this is all that my local stores had and I didn't feel like waiting for something to get shipped. 

I put a sticker on the front from my other bujo just to signify which one this is, since all of my hard covered ones are black. So far, this is the one that I use the most. I'm still working on collections that I want or need inside. So far I've transferred my Home Improvement List in here, notes about a band I like, a future log from May-July, some journaling prompts for when I am stuck, as well as some blog stuff. 

Faith and Scars Band Book:

This may be the book I am most excited about. For different reasons. 

1. For those that can't tell... this is one of the Official Bullet Journals from Ryder's website. Yeah... it's the OFFICIAL one. It's got a spot for forward planning, which I set up. I like that the index is already there, this means I am more likely to use it if its already there. I like how the pages are already numbered, saves me a lot of trouble.

I'll do a total review on this book later on this month.

I use this book for all things band related. I've mentioned that my boyfriend, Lee, is the drummer in a band, and that I am now helping run things in the band. I run the social media, am a photographer, and I need to keep track of everything. Shows and what not. So I started this. Lee is rather impressed and intrigued by it, he knows it's because I have a tendency to forget things. 

This is just a brief look at the three books I use to plan and organize my life and the necessary things that I am involved in. I plan to do more in-depth looks at my planners on a later date.

Do you guys plan? Do you use a bullet journal?

Let's talk about it!