"I Love" Sunday v. 68

Hello Dreamers

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope this post finds you all well. It was a rather uneventful week for me, but that's probably a good thing right about now.

** I only worked Thursday, Friday, and today of this week. I was supposed to work on Tuesday but had to take the day off due to my hand. Thankfully, when I did work, they let me stay in Drive Thru and just take orders. Minimal use of my hand, which meant the least amount of pain for me.

** I spent some time working on my bullet journals, because of course I have more then one, because I really need to stay organized my way. I still use my Travelers Notebook for my personal planning, but I have a separate journal for my blog, and another one for the band. I absolutely LOVE this system of planning, and believe me that there is a blog post in the works just for my bullet journal(s). <--- I'm sorry that I keep saying this without it actually happening....

** I went to our local Game Stop yesterday with Mem. They were having a "Grand Re-opening" mini party and since I know one of the Assistant Managers, I decided to stop by. I managed to find a BB-8 coffee mug that I just adore. Mem gets a kick out of the fact that I collect mugs without using them for their intended purpose. Just like I used to collect shot glasses from new places that I would visit. 

Sorry for the terrible pictures.... it's a little dark in my room at the moment.

** OH! Speaking of my bullet journals, I picked up a set of Paper Mate Flair pens that I absolutely ADORE!!! I think they are amazing! I first heard of them from Jenny Penton over at Planner Perfect and never really thought much of them - I have a bunch of pens just laying around, why did I need more? They were selling them individually at Staples and I picked one up.... and then had to go get the whole colored set.

** I get my stitches taken out today! I am super excited about that because these things are in the way. It's on the side of my hand, near my pointer finger knuckle on my hand. The spot is still kind of tender, but according to Lee and Amy it's healing well. Thankfully.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving about this past week?