"I Love" Sunday v.69

Happy Sunday Dreamers!!!


I hope that all of you lovely mothers are having a wonderful day with your friends and family.

Did you call your mother's / grandmothers, etc.?

This right here is my mother. She's a great woman who has done more then any mother or grandmother should have to do. She was handed a crappy deal and she overcame it without hesitation and my brothers and I wouldn't be who we are without her!

Please note, this picture was taken when I was 16 years old... so like 8 years ago. Do not judge my blonde hair... my hair bleached itself that summer after being outside so much.

** Since it's Frappaccino Happy Hour (Frappy Hour) at work this week and next week, we got to dress up for themed days. Tuesday was the first day and it was Pajama Pants Day. I got to rock my Stitch pajama pants at work, which made me super happy! Comfy pants are the bestest!!!

** I have been doing a lot of work on my planners and journal this past week and I am all the way caught up in my scrap journal! I documented the injury to my hand, the rest of band practice, our beach trip, as well as the outfits for this week that I worked. I like seeing things come together.

** May the Fourth Be With You!!!! Of course on May the 4th the theme was Star Wars, of which I totally rocked that outfit! I bought Finn's jacket from Hot Topic and my light saber from Party City the day before. I wore a red BB-8 shirt I got months ago from Walmart and my tan skinny jeans for work. I borrowed my roommate's boots and rocked that whole outfit like it was nothing! Haha. 

This is my coworker Amy. Her son dressed her up as Rey from the new movie and he did a fantastic job, don't you think?

** The band prints I ordered came in on Thursday. We ordered these to sell at shows once the guys sign them. Roger's girlfriend Cheyanne took this photo and then I ordered the prints (it's the best picture of all four of them) and they turned out great. Things are really starting to come together for these guys and our first show is a little over a month away.

** Thursday night was Mem's band concert, and we bought the whole McNaugle tribe with us. Baby Girl was so fascinated with Lee's shirt and the texture of the skull. It's taken her a little while to warm up to him, she's like that with all men other then Mem and her father, and this is the first time he's been able to hold her without her reaching for me immediately. It's great! And adorable!

** Friday night Lee and I went out with a friend of mine from high school and his family to the fair on post. We had a great time! He told me to chose a prize that I wanted and he would win it for me, so I chose this Pikachu! There were lots of laughs (my friend's daughter is almost 2 and was jamming out to the band and later chasing the bubbles, it was cute).

** This weekend, like most of our weekends for the next unforeseeable future, was spent with the band and practicing. Cheyanne and I kind of insisted on a group picture together, so this is what we got. :) It'll be something awesome to look back on, because this is where we started. These were the first days, the hard days, and what led them to wherever they may go from here ((They definitely have big dreams)).

P.S. If you're interested, they are a rock band called Faith and Scars. Check them out on YouTubeInstagram, or Facebook! We love any and all support.

Roger, Cheyanne, Josh, me, Lee, and Brandon

** Tonight we're hopefully going to see Captain America: Civil War with Memphis. We had plans for  Friday and Saturday obviously, so we had to push it to tonight. We are all so excited to see this movie... it's all Mem has talked about lately. He had a countdown going. Seriously.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?