May the Fourth Be With You

Hello dearest Dreamers!

Just wanted to stop in today and wish you all a happy Star Wars Day!

I am not as big a Star Wars fan as Memphis, but I can definitely enjoy it. We get to dress up at work today for Frappy Hour, and of course the theme is Star Wars. I may have gone out and bought a jacket specifically for this instance... and a light saber because Mem didn't have one yet. 

I'll be able to reuse this jacket for shows with the band and for other costumes. I borrowed the boots from Amy because I don't have any black boots yet, I'm wearing my BB-8 t-shirt, and my tan skinny jeans are work pants anyways. 

This is the shift I worked with this evening, the other three had to close the store at the end of the night.

Whatcha think?

Did I look alright?

Have a great day!