May Goals

Hello dearest Dreamers!

Hope this post finds you well!

Welp, it's that time again my dearest friends! It's the start of another month (where the heck has the time gone? This year feels like it is flying by?!?!?) which means it's time to share my goals for this month.

** Finish room: Things have progressed nicely in my bedroom, but there is still some stuff that needs to be done. Like hanging posters, finding a second dresser, and putting away some stuff that I have no idea what to do with.

** Finish Craft Room: This one is kind of driving me nuts, but we do what we can in spurts. Amy works on the weekend's and my schedule is all over the place. We decided to make our own desks because the front wall has some odd measurements, but this is taking longer then I was hoping for. I just really want to be able to use the craft room for it's intended purpose.

** Prepare for first band show: As mentioned in one of my "I Love" Sunday's posts, I am now helping out the boyfriend's band and the first show is in June. I have a lot of operational stuff to get done before then as well as marketing and what not. I hope to get everything set up this month and be comfortable and confident with everything before the month is over. I'm actually pretty stoked about this. :)

** Get registered for classes: So this one right now is more waiting on my advisor then anything I can do. I need to get some alternate pin number to register for classes and this woman is terrible at answering her email, phone, and getting back to me in general. It's driving me nuts! Once she does this, I can get registered for classes, which also start next month.

** Bullet Journal posts: Once I get things set up in my bullet journals, I would really like to do a series of blog posts or videos on the way I use my bullet journals to keep myself organized.

Short and simple goals this month, they just have a lot of little steps to get these accomplished.

What are your goals for the month of May?