"I Love" Sundays v.72

Hello Dreamers!

Hope this post finds you well on this Sunday evening

((well... it's Sunday Evening for me))

** I had a doctors appointment with the VA on Tuesday and while she confirmed that I've had two mild concussions in my life, she confirmed that there was no lasting damage that we needed to be worried about. This is a huge relief because I don't think I could handle there being anything else wrong with my head at this point. Haha.

** If you read my post about our last show, we found out that Roger has a ligament sprain. The good news is that he didn't break or fracture anything in his ankle, the bad news is that it actually takes longer to heal then a break or fracture. Either way, they have him a top-of-the-line ankle brace that means he is actually able to walk on it, where as he wasn't able to before this appointment. Thank god!

** I also said that Sarah and I have started our own Virtual Assistance Business, and a of Thursday, we have three separate job proposals, which is amazing because this is only our first week. 

** Lee has been gone all week on a training mission to Nevada, and while this isn't the first time we've been apart for a week (we've actually been apart longer), it's the first time that it's been in different time zones and it's the first time since Germany that my depression has kicked in that bad. I don't know if it was because he was gone or just because it was coming anyway (I've felt a little off for a few weeks before he left).... it was just weird timing.... but the point is.... he's on his way home as I type this. He should actually be landing within the next half hour. While he was gone he was able to text me when he could and he would also FaceTime me at night ((let it be known that it was midnight every time that he called or FaceTime'd me)) We're both thrilled that he's going to be home tonight. Yay cuddles!!!

** Friday night I was feeling restless and Roger invited me to come stay with them, so I drove over to see them. It was a much needed distraction from my depression. We went yesterday to find some lights for the merch table for the show this Saturday.

** I literally worked 3 days this week at Starbucks, to include today. It was nice having so many afternoon's off... just would've been better if Lee were here to spend them with. It figures that it would happen the week that he is gone. Oh well, I liked having the time off since I can't have the amount of hours that I would like. 

.: Little Loves :.

|| Shinedown | Squeezable Apple Sauce (yes, I realize that it's for kids.... but it's perfect for me) | Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher | my desk | Dr. Pepper ||

What are you loving from this past week?