What's my news?

Hello Dreamers!

Happy Saturday and I hope this post finds you well!

I know that I haven't been around here lot, but things have been kind of busy ((isn't that always the excuse when bloggers are absent from their blog??)) I know that I haven't posted since my post about my first week of college.... which is weird because I seriously thought that I did my usual Sunday post last week but apparently I didn't... maybe because I worked all day after Lee went on a training mission.

The only other post I've done so far was my post yesterday about the band's latest show! That post was even a week late, but it's up. You should check it out, and if you like rock music, make sure you check the band out on YouTube and Facebook. :)

So, the big news. I put my two weeks notice in at Starbucks last Monday, and this coming Thursday is my last day working there ((Since my two weeks notice, I only worked last Monday, Tuesday, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)). I haven't been getting enough hours, and the pay isn't enough to pay my bills due to minimal hours. So I will be putting down the green apron on Thursday.

Some of you, who follow me on social media, will know that I have started a new project with my dear friend Sarah, called The Creative Assistants

This little business venture is basically where we are virtual personal assistants for people that need office help while still being about to work from home with flexible hours. Within the first week of setting up our website and getting on a couple of freelance virtual assistant websites, we already have two long-term job proposals set in stone, and the possibility of a short term job still pending. I get to work from home in my down time from school for like 10-20 hours a week and still make more money then I was at Starbucks. This means more time with Amy and Mem, more time with Lee, more weekends with the band, and not having to worry about taking off of work for shows and other events. We get to set our own schedule and work when we can, and still have time to do the things that we want (or need to do). 

The band has another show this coming weekend at the same venue as last week's show. We also officially can say that in August, we're opening for the band Art of Dying as well. We have a lot of awesome shows coming up in the next two month's alone and we couldn't be happier.

Life is going to continue to get busier and we're not complaining at all. We're going to be doing what we want to do and things are getting better for me!

Much love,