"I Love" Sunday's v.74

Happy Sunday Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well.

** After being gone almost the entire first week of my newest class in college, I showed up on Monday and passed my first test with an 86. This is impressive because I missed two days of the class and that means I missed her notes. I studied what I could on Sunday night, but I still didn't have the teachers notes (she tells you specifically what you need to know for the test because she doesn't use the book). Any who- go me! I passed.

** Lee's father sent me the pictures that he took during our time at the River House in Virginia. He took some good photos and I am happy to have them to add them to my scrap-journal.

It's a little blurry, but there wasn't a whole lot of room for Lee's dad to get this photo.

The post on this trip is coming up sometime this week.

** Since I only have one class this term, and it's from 0800-1000, I got to spend a lot of time just chilling with Lee. He was still on leave from work, so I hung out with him while he played The Witcher 3 on Xbox One.

** I've also been spending my free time working on The Creative Assistants and building my knowledge base. I've spent my time making new friends within the FB groups, which is a really good thing. I've spoken to one potential client (also a mentor) and I have another Skype call with another potential client in a few hours today. 

** Thursday was a big day for the band! We got to open up for Saliva (yes, they're still around)! It was kind of a hectic day at first.... but that's another post coming this week as well. The boys did a FANTASTIC job on their set and they rocked it! We gained a whole bunch of new fans, made some new friends (we sat next to Saliva's merch guy, loaned the drummer of Waking Tera a set of drum sticks because he needed a back up pair), and got to talk to the drummer and singer of Saliva. The best part was Lee's parents surprised us by showing up for the show (they said they wouldn't be able to because it was on a Thursday and they live like 4 hours away from us). That was the absolute best part.

** Lee and I came home on Friday and have just been hanging out for the rest of the weekend. He goes back to work on Monday, so we're making the most of our time off. He's playing a lot of video games and I get to spend time with him while working from my laptop on business and blogging stuff. That's ideal for me.

** After I get done with my Skype call, I have to edit the pictures from the show and get everything posted. It's a busy day for me, but it's the best kind when I can work from home.

.: Little Loves :.

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