"I Love" Sunday's v.75

Happy Sunday Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well! 

** On Monday, I shared my thoughts about the new app called Pokémon Go! Since then I've actually picked up my old Nintendo DS and started playing Pokémon Black with Lee after he bought his used Nintendo 3DS on Tuesday. It's my favorite thing simply because we sit there together and play in the evenings. We help each other out and it's just something for us to do together.

** Amy went to Ohio to surprise her mother for her birthday this week and we got the house to ourselves. She went up Tuesday and then came back home on Friday since she had work yesterday. It was odd, the house being so quiet without her and the tv (she only works Sat-Mon at the hospital).... I watched a LOT of Criminal Minds on Ion this week after class. Haha.

** I aced my Humanities test on Wednesday! Well... I got an A on it.. so that's acing it in my book. Now I just need to pass one more test next week with an A and then I don't have to take the final!

** I had a discovery call with Erica about my new business and she gave me some great things to think about and work on. I've been working hard to build my business to be successful and while it's slow going.... it's going. That's a post for another day though.

The Creative Assistants

** Lee and I had a mini date night and we went out to eat at this place called Mac's Bar and Grill. I've been there once before, many years ago when I was stationed here, and thought it was alright. The food was good. I ordered a Shrimp Ceaser Salad and he had a burger. Their fried pickles were a little spicy (made me a little sad because I LOVE fried pickles) but otherwise it was great food. After that, we went home to play Pokémon. Haha.

** Speaking of my new business, I managed to build a new website in an afternoon. The other one was hosted on Wordpress, which is a platform that I am not familiar with, and it didn't look as professional as I was hoping. After a call with someone from one of the groups I'm in, I decided to take her advice and switch my website to Squarespace, a website that I am familiar with. I bought my domain for $20 a year and set up my website. It's not free, but it is relatively inexpensive each month and it's incredibly easy to work on for me.

** Since today is the end of the month, I spent Friday setting up my new bullet journal in a new book! A while back I ordered a teal Leuchtturm 1917 and finally decided to switch from my monthly plan books to using this to house my collections, my monthly view, and my weekly/daily layouts. I am going to give Boho Berry's way a try and see if I like it. 

** Last night we went up to see the band because a friend of ours (in his own band) had a show nearby and we wanted to support him. Taylor is a cool dude and his band, Bridge to Breakdown, is pretty awesome too if you're into rock music. After his set we helped his band load their equipment into their vehicles and then we sat around and talked for what seemed like ever. It was fantastic.

** Today I got to go pick up my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child before Lee and I went to dinner at a new place again! I am super excited to read this book, I think it's interesting that she wrote it in the form of a play, but I am going to read it none-the-less.

** While we were at band practice day, Lee surprised me with this pretty flower for no reason other then he wanted too. It's the first time I've gotten a flower from him and he had no reason to give it to me other then he wanted to. I personally happen to love it!

We tried another new to us place for dinner, it's a Japanese steak house called Samauri. It was PHENOMENAL! I am kind of picky about my rice but their's was perfect. The best part? Apparently it's great left over food too... the rice doesn't dry out and the food holds it's flavor. I'll have to come back and let you guys know if that is the case....

Update: the waitress was right! The food was still great the next day! We found our new favorite place!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?