It's Been A While

Hello dearest Dreamers,

I'm not sure if anyone even still reads this blog, and I can understand that! I've been so inconsistent with posting and it makes me pretty mad at myself. I have a lot more free time since I quit working at Starbucks, but I haven't been using it wisely. I've made promises to get better... but I haven't done it.

My first term at school flew by in a flash, it was only a month long! That being said, I really enjoyed my Critical Thinking class, and if I get the choice, I'm choosing that teacher again. I passed both of my classes (was a little worried about my Algebra class.... but I did it) which is a huge sigh of relief. My next class (I'm only taking one this term) starts on 11 July.

I took Lee to meet my parents this past weekend. There is a whole post coming up about that this week, but needless to say, it went quite well. You can see most, if not all, of those pictures on either my Instagram or my Facebook page.

If you remember, I said that I was going to team up with a dear friend of mine, and work for ourselves? My mom was very skeptical of it, but as usual she supports me. Unfortunately, our first client ended up being a fraud and my bank accounts were frozen for quite a while. It's all been cleared up and I've learned a little more from this lesson. I've met some awesome Virtual Assistant Ladies who've taught me some things, and I'm going to give it all another go.

The boys have a more shows coming up this summer, and some of them are big! On the 16th, we're opening forSoften the Glare featuring Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne. On the 21st, we're opening up for Saliva in Jacksonville, NC. That's right, Saliva! We didn't know they were coming back, but our usual promoter called us and offered us a spot on that show... and we're beyond thrilled for it! Also, as a band, in August we're going to see Carnival of Madness! We're going to see our idols play ( Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry)... let me just say that we all had a bit of a fangirl moment right there!

Well... I think that is a good start. Like I said, I have some blog posts scheduled for the next week or so to kind of update you all on what's been going on around here! Hopefully, I will do better about not posting as much as I promised that I would.