"I Love" Sundays v.77

Happy Sunday dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well!

** It's been a busy week around the Dreamer house this week. Since I had a week off from school between Summer II ending and Fall starting this coming Tuesday, I tried to get a lot of work done for my new business as well as this blog.

I know I've been failing you all here, and I'm not sure who even still reads this blog, so today I decided that I am going to (finally) do better and focus a lot more on blogging.

If you hadn't guessed from the different graphic above, I am working on some new graphics for the blog as well as rebranding the whole thing entirely. Long story for a separate post (I know... I always say that and forget the separate post....)

** Speaking of my new business, I have a client who has agreed to work with me starting on 01 September for at least a month! Super excited there.

** Today I went to Michaels to help Lee look for something he needed... needless to say, I can't wait until I get my disability and housing money because once the bills are all paid, I am going to get some of their Halloween stuff early before the price goes up!

** I've been working on a gift for Lee, which he is getting tomorrow, and I can proudly say that the entire project is complete (well... up to this point it is complete). It's kind of an ongoing project that can be added too as time goes on. Either way... I am finally caught up and it is ready for him for tomorrow.

** I got some work done this week to add to my services portfolio, which is super exciting to me. People who consider hiring me keep asking for my portfolio and then decide against hiring me because it's not all that extensive (and because I am new to the industry) so I am forever grateful to be able to add to my portfolio whenever I can.

** Lee and I had the house to ourselves for most of the week. Amy went to go see her parents and Mem in VA before he comes home this week from his summer vacation. I definitely miss the kid, but the quiet has been super nice. Been able to better focus on my business when it's just me at the house instead of getting side tracked by other conversations.

** Last but not least, do you guys know Kimi over at Kimi Who? Well, if you don't, I think you really should because not only is she an awesome person, a fantastic blogger, and incredibly talented, but this week she decided to open up her own creative online business to sell media kits and other things like that! Stuff that she has hand designed she is willing to sell to those of us (ME) not so photoshop inclined! They are super cool too! Make sure you check her out and give her some love!

.: Little Loves :.

|| Rock candy and hamburger gummy's | clean and warm sheets | being busy | new prospective clients | my wonderful boyfriend who is super supportive and awesome | Ali Brown on YouTube | Canva ||

What are you loving from this past week?