"I Love" Sunday's v.78

Happy Sunday Dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well.

Like my graphic? I am trying something new but I might be using this until the Halloween season is over. We'll see!

** Last weekend we opened for Adelitas Way in Wilmington, NC. The show was almost cancelled but at the last minute they changed to another venue and the show continued on. The guys did amazing (as usual) and we gained some new fans.

** If you love rock music and you haven't checked out Letter's From The Fire's new album.... I highly suggest that you do! It's an amazing album and there isn't a song on the album that I don't like. It doesn't hurt that Alexa has a killer voice!

Yes, I took this photo on the 01 Sep show when we opened for Letters From The Fire, Children 18:3, and Art of Dying.

Check out my photography page for more photos from our shows!

** I've been working on a lot of craft stuff over the last two weeks, for which I am super excited for! There will be blog posts coming (or already posted) to talk about each individual craft.

** I decided to get my hair done on Wednesday, and this time I went to see my old co-worker Brenna at the Paul Mitchell school. She graduates on the 1st and I wanted to see her before she leaves AND moves two hours away. I decided to do something a little different and bolder since I don't have any hair restrictions (Starbucks changed their restrictions right after I left the company- go figure).

** Friday night was the first show that we've headlined and we were lucky to be sharing the stage with our good buddies of Bridge to Breakdown! We love playing with these guys. We did share the stage a little bit at some separate times, which was beyond awesome. Our bassist sang their first song for them, there was a drum battle between their drummer and Lee during our set, and their vocalist joined our guys on stage to sing an awesome rendition of Simple Man! You can watch all of the videos HERE on our timeline. One of Lee's lieutenants joined us for the show as well as my favorite classmate and her husband! Music definitely brings people together, which makes me love it that much more!

** I created a Virtual Assistant portfolio finally to accompany my applications for jobs. I am pretty proud of myself, it's the first time I've created something like that. This job is teaching me a lot of new skills that I haven't had before and I am LOVING it! The best part is one of my clients has me doing other tasks  that I can also add to my portfolio. That is always a bonus. Today, I am working on her Pinterest account for her.

** Unfortunately on Saturday, I made the mistake of taking the wrong medication at the wrong time and it made me sick as a dog. The good news? It made me love Lee that much more because he took care of me all day. He was super extra sweet and attentive (not that he usually isn't- because he is - but he made sure to check in on me more and get me anything that I needed. Usually on the weekends he plays his video games while I work in my office and we check on each other periodically.) Yesterday, he checked on me a whole lot. He didn't even get mad when I woke him up (5 hours after we finally went to sleep after the show) because I needed some mouth wash (we ran out) because I was sick. He didn't argue, he just got dressed and went to the store for me. Super sweet guy (no one else has taken care of me like that other then my mother). He's super sweet! Just another reason to love him that much more!

old pic, if you can't tell by my hair... but we don't have any images since I've redone my hair.

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this week?