My 2017 Memory Keeping Plan

I saw this post that Kelsey made not too long ago about her plan for 2017 Memory Keeping Plans and it definitely had me thinking. I know that i have briefly mentioned the basics of what I want to do for my 2017 memory keeping, but her post definitely made me think!

It made me think about my plans for memory keeping. Past the fact that I know that I am going to do Project Life this coming year, there isn't much I am committing myself too. That way I don't feel overwhelmed and just give up on it.

1) Weekly layouts- I am telling myself that I am going to give weekly layouts a try. At least for the first quarter of the year. I'm going to create some overlays or simple title cards for each week to keep it simple and somewhat uniform. I've watched Sweet Girl Designs and each week she creates a unique title card for her layouts.... the thought of doing that honestly stresses me the hell out. So I am going to keep that simple. Past that, there are no commitments to my weekly layouts.

2) Monthly Story Kits- I've already done 2 (technically I am waiting on my supplies to get here for #2) Story Kit's and I really enjoy it so far. I like having a themed small kit to use to tell certain stories and that is something I am going to incorporate into my PL album for the year. Even if I have to wait for the story to find me some other month. The bonus is that since I subscribe to both the Story Kit and the Stamp set, I get it all in digital form too as a free bonus. That means if there are cards that I really want to use time and time again, I can. 

If you're interested in seeing some of my layouts with these products, the first peak will be in my next December Daily Process vide for day 6!

3) Travelers Notebook for Notes: I've got to go back and look on where I first saw this..... but someone has a TN insert that they use to write out everything for their weekly spreads. Just in case they get a little behind.... they spend some time every day writing out important things to document and that way they don't forget. I started doing this for December Daily and I LOVE it! It has helped, especially when it's time to film multiple days at once during a process video. I already know what I want to talk about, just need to print out the specific photos, do the journaling, and move on with embellishing! It's fantastic!

Side note: It took forever, but I finally found the video I was looking for! Amy Gretchen talks about using a Travelers Notebook to keep track of her weeks in this video! Some of you may find it beneficial like I do!