Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Hutt

Hello Dearest Dreamers

I wish you happy Thursday! Today I wanted to pop in real quick and share some happy news. :)

For those of you that aren't aware (or super new here), I got engaged right before Christmas. Well, last night we went ahead and got married in our backyard with some of our friends and family.

We were going to get married in the courthouse (although apparently they do that in the delinquent center) but my roommate actually had a friend who is an ordained minister who was more then willing to come to the house and marry us in our backyard. This way we could have people there, get pictures done, and my mother could watch the ceremony from Facebook Live since she couldn't be there in person.

I know that it seems really quick to other people (and the next person that asks if I am pregnant just might get punched) but it is what works best for us. 

If he wasn't in the military right now, things would be different.... but he is.... so that makes a difference. What he and I have decided to do is very common in military culture, but sometimes it's hard for some people to understand. The military helps take care of family members, which was kind of a deciding factor as to when we got married.

We just knew that we didn't want to wait very long. We knew that we wanted to be married to each other and that was enough for us. I am not one of those girls that spent their whole lives dreaming of a huge fairytale wedding... that just isn't my style. That being said, we're having a vow renewal ceremony in the fall for the rest of our family and friends to be there, but we wanted to do this just for us. We would have been happy if it was just us and two witnesses, but it was nice that some family insisted on being there with us.

It is still kind of hard to believe that we're actually married. We have a lot of stuff to get done this week, but we're excited and happy and together..... and that is all that matters. Next week I can go get our marriage certificate and legally change my name everywhere that it needs to be changed. 

For all of my scrappy friends: You'll see pictures of everything in the coming year (including the big ceremony) if you watch my YouTube channel, where I share my process videos of creating our wedding album! I'm going to try to do coordinating blog posts as well.... but I don't seem to be as good at the writing part as I am when it comes to creating lately. 

For those of you waiting for more December Daily process videos, those are coming back next week to finish my album. :) Lots of projects planned for 2017 and I am so excited!

Until next time!