#APTwinsTakeDC Day 2

Hello Dearest Dreamers!

Happy Sunday! I hope this blog post finds you well. Today I wanted to share Day 2 of my trip to DC with you! You can see Day 1 here I had such a blast and I can't wait to work on my Travelers Notebook to document the trip! I've learned that for every trip I take, I need to bring a little notebook so that I can document things I want to remember and share with both my blog and my album. All photos are property of my photography company J.L. McClure Photography.

Our first stop of the day was Arlington National Cemetery. This place was just amazing but also pretty haunting! Once we boarded the tram, our first stop was JFK's grave site, the Eternal Flame, as well as JFK's brother's grave.

After that we hopped back on the tram and went to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. We got to witness a changing of the guard (happens every hour) and it was.... there really are no words to describe it.

Upon leaving the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier we met a super nice disable Navy Veteran, his wife, and his daughter. We had fun talking to them while we were waiting to catch the tram back to the front of the cemetery so we could leave. 

Once we left the cemetery, we headed to the downtown area of D.C. We found this parking garage just behind the J. Edgar Hoover building where we got to valet park. It was Tiff's first time using valet parking, so she was thrilled. We stopped at their Hard Rock Cafe for lunch before moving on.

After lunch we headed to a couple of the Smithsonian museum's, which all happen to be FREE to access. I thought this was awesome. We checked out the National History Museum and the American History Museum.

After the museums we went on a D.C. Walking Tour- which was super awesome!!!! We got to see The Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, The Korean Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln's Memorial!

Overall this was a wonderful day! It was an incredibly long day, but well worth it. I think overall we walked almost 9 miles on this day alone. Poor Tiffany was hurting (as was I), but I knew that if I sat down I wouldn't want to get back up and finish exploring.

Day 3 is our last day and we were only there for a part of the day. Stay tuned to see that post tomorrow!

Until next time!

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