Disney Honeymoon

Hello Dearest Dreamers!

Today I wanted to share the start of our Disney Honeymoon with you all. There will be a mini album coming up in the near future, so be on the lookout for that. I was actually getting ready to work on my album and realized that I couldn't find the little notebook that I took all my notes about our trip in, and it broke my heart. That is when I realized that I hadn't written the blog posts out, which made me even sadder. Ya'll know I have a terrible memory, so while I have the pictures I took on my iCloud, it doesn't mean I will remember the little details.

Luckily, I found it this morning and it made me extremely happy, so I set out to work on my album. While I am waiting on my camera to charge, I figured I would knock out some blog posts. 

We left for our honeymoon the day after our wedding celebration. We got up early in the morning because our parents were coming over to help us do some final cleaning before they too headed out on their way home (his parents live in VA and mine live in FL). We also needed to pack because we were too tired the night before to do so.

We finally got on the road before 1000 and headed out on our long journey down to Walt Disney World. We've made most of that trip before, because my parents live near Tampa, so most of the journey is the same. It's not until you get into northern FL that the trips start to differ.

We made decent time during the course of this trip. Lee drove most of the way because he was just too excited to get there, and he wanted to be in control of the car. I was fine with that because I usually do most of the driving to/from FL. We only stopped for gas and the bathroom, and lunch was through a McDonald's drive through.

J: "I'm going to need to stop for food soon."
L: "Let me know when you want to stop."
J: "I just did."

We're silly like that.

We finally made it to Walt Disney World and the Shades of Green resort around 7pm. Shade of Green is the military affiliated hotel on the Magic Kingdom grounds, and it was awesome! I've never stayed there before and I didn't even know that it existed until about two years ago when my friend Lindsay and I went there to buy our tickets for a day (military gets a slightly discounted rate.... but not by much). I didn't get the best picture as we were coming onto Disney grounds, but that's ok. We were just excited to be there.

DOAD Welcome to Walt Disney World

The room that the hotel booked for us was a handicap room with two full sized beds, but it was the only room available during the time we were gonna be there. Lesson to everyone book your hotel for your honeymoon ASAP because we almost didn't have a room. We wanted to stay on the grounds to make it easier to get around, and why not... it's our honeymoon!

Throughout our entire trip we were really only in the room long enough to shower and sleep. We spent most of our time at the parks or exploring Disney Springs.

DOAD_ Shades of Green Resort

We decided to go check out a restaurant within the hotel for dinner because we were tired of driving, and Mangino's did not disappoint! It's an Italian restaurant in the bottom of the hotel (where all of their food places are) and it was great. It was a nice atmosphere and quiet, and the food was yummy!

After dinner we just went back to the room and watched tv until we fell asleep. It was a long day of driving and we wanted to be up early for the next day and our first park!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see Day 2 of our Disney Honeymoon!

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