Week In The Life: 2017 edition

Today starts day one of the Week In The Life project hosted by Ali Edwards. To find out more about the project make sure you check out her website and read her WITL Archives.

This is technically my second year attempting WITL, but it didn't go so well for whatever reason last year. I have half of the supplies (maybe that is what it was!) from last year and some pictures, but that is all.

This year though, I made a plan. I got the dates as soon as Ali released them (thank god for her Facebook Groups), marked them in my calendar, and then started planning. I read through a lot of her archives for inspiration and motivation, purchased the kit (I chose the album with the colored polka dots cover), and purchased the 2017 WITL word phrase stickers (the colored ones at the bottom of the photo) as an additional purchase. ((Please note that I got the dividers as a bonus from purchasing the kit early and I don't think that they are still available))

I even made a brief plan in my bullet journal, documenting a list of stories that I can capture (or photo ideas) to help me with this project.

I think that I do pretty well telling the special stories in my PL album, but I also feel like I hardly focus on the everyday life type stuff (which is why I started my #100daysofeverydaylifephotos project over on IG and FB). I want to focus a little on the every day type stuff this year because that stuff changes over the course of the years. What's "every day" today might not be so "every day" next year.

Like how we have a tradition of Moe's Monday (Moe's Southwestern Grill) but instead of going to the restaurant now, we make our own (cheaper and healthier) version at home every Monday. That's just one example of what is a weekly tradition right now that I want to document. Who knows how long we will keep doing something like this? The good news is that I season the chicken differently every week so it is never exactly the same.

Next week I'll work on the actual documentation in the album, this week I just want to focus on the getting the stories themselves. I don't want to get overwhelmed this early in, so the crafting will wait until next week (not to mention that we have two shows this week and I would get off track with those).

You can follow along with my progress either on my Instagram account (where all of my phone photos will be displayed) or on my Facebook Page (I will try to post my dSLR photos there). Both of these platforms are where I'll share my pictures and some brief journaling. At the end of the day, I plan to take a leaf out of Ali's book and compile it all into a blog post daily for you (which will also help me throughout the project as well since my memory is terrible).

Are you participating in Week In The Life this year? If so, leave me your link below so I can check your stuff out!

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