The Hutt Housewarming Party

Happy Monday dearest Dreamers!

This weekend we finally had our housewarming party! The house was finally clean enough and set-up enough (for me) to invite people over to celebrate!

I sadly didn't take as many photos as I was hoping too (story of my life it seems) but I did spend a lot of time just enjoying what was going on around me. Apparently none of my friends took photos either, which astounds me for this group of people!


Lee prefers charcoal grills over propane, so we sold our old propane grill a few months ago and purchased this new grill Friday. It's a 2-in-1 grill that has both propane and charcoal. The right side of the grill is the charcoal side and the left side is propane. He spent yesterday afternoon putting it together, and while it was frustrating during the set-up, he was proud of himself for setting it up.

Roger, Cheyanne, and Brandon drove down Saturday morning to help us set up the house, well... more Cheyanne offered to help and the boys were dragged along. 

Before we started setting up though, we took a trip to the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society to look at cats in hopes of adopting one. We found Elenor and we're hoping to bring her home soon! ((More about that in a later post))

Cheyanne and I had to run to the store for some last minute things (like cheese for hamburgers and some gifts from her mother - sangria, bread, and salt).

While we were at the store I picked up these gorgeous roses because the ones that I bought on Friday were bad (and its my fault for not checking). These flowers are just plain gorgeous . I bought the bouquet and split it into two, one for each of the downstairs bathrooms.

Cheyanne, Roger, and Josh eating the burgers and hot dogs that Lee made on our new grill. 

My friend and classmate Jakki brought me some small plants for my new garden. She and I bonded over being military veterans and we worked to make our schedules match so we take classes together. Found out we also have a love of gardening.

She brought me purple basil, basil, 2 tomato plants, spearmint, sweet mint, sage, 2 zucchini plants, and rosemary. I can't wait until they are a little bit bigger and I can actually put them in my new garden (we still have to build it technically).

I don't know that I have ever seen a picture where this guy makes a normal face. bwahaha. He's the second tallest person I know (at 6'5" tall).

Cheyanne is being silly peeking around him but I don't know what caught her attention. 

Our friend Jess has 3 little minions who just adore Lee. These two are the middle and youngest of the three, and they decided to climb on Lee for fun. He took a photo to send to his dad because his father asked what the was up to right then. 

Our homeowners came by after church and hung out with us for a little while. It was great for them to stop by! We love having them as home owners and we're actually talking about buying the house from them down the road. MAYBE. The husband and I just need to talk more.

It was a great evening and we are super thankful to the people that stopped by to hang out and celebrate this next step in our lives (having our own house without roommates).

Until next time,