Day In The Life 2017

Hey Dreamers, I hope this finds you well.

Don't you love when you type a post and think that you finished it but your computer decides that it doesn't want to save EVERYTHING you've done?

Yeah, me neither.

So yesterday was Day In The Life hosted by Ali Edwards and I decided to participate. Yes, I know that my Week In The Life pages aren't complete yet, but it never hurts to have everything documented on this here blog until I have the motivation to actually complete the projects. 

0655 || First things first. Feed the cat and then get ready for my day.

0738 || Sitting in the school parking lot waiting for my biology class to begin. It's been raining all week and it's supposed to continue to rain until next week. At least my boots are getting cleaned after this past weekend.

I live about 10 minutes from school and I always like to be early to class. Partially because the Army ingrained it in me to be early and partially because I want a good parking spot. 

0915 || Biology class is the standard from 0800-1000 for the month of June. It's a month long college class first thing int he morning. It's a little bit of a struggle because it's so condensed, but it's one more class knocked off my list.

1030 || Class got out early today and so I find myself on the couch. I usually to relax my brain after Biology by watching bullet journal videos on the iPad for a little while.

I've been so tired lately that it's hard to find the motivation to get anything done until later in the evenings. 

1145 || Lunch time for me. Today I went back to my childhood and made two PB&J sandwiches. Apparently I need some bread.

1220 || Went looking for Elenor because I hadn't seen her in a  while. This is one of her favorite spots to chill when Lee isn't home. 

1310 || I have felt abnormally tired every day for the last two weeks and often find myself taking a nap. This love seat is so comfortable and I am glad that his NCO gave it to us. 

1430 || Making sure I have everything on my shopping list for after my appointment. I usually have the meals planned out for the whole week, but we're trying new stuff this week due to trying to be healthier. That being said... I've only panned out Monday and today.

1503 || Every Tuesday and Thursday I have aquatic therapy (which is just like physical therapy but done in a pool to take the weight and pressure off the injured areas). This is my second week attending appointments, we'll see how this goes. 

1625 || Once my appointment is done, it's time for grocery shopping. I need some general household items (like the bread) but also things that are more specific to our meal tonight. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

1745 || Waiting for Lee to get home before I start cooking dinner. I was working on making a DITL list in my journal. Partially for accountability and partially because I wanted to talk about the project in general. 

1830 || Finally having dinner! Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta! It's a new recipe but definitely one we want to make again. I'll be adding this to my recipe bank in my bullet journal. 

1920 || Elenor loves being near Lee when he is home. It's interesting to see. She is either beside him on the cushions or behind him on the arm of the couch.

2210 || Lee played games for a few hours while I watched videos on the iPad. This is our usual evening routine lately. Now it's time to brush our teeth and go to bed since he has work so early and I have to be up for class.

At least everything is documented and waiting for when I have motivation to get it put together in an album. I think I am going to put it in my Project Life album in an insert. 

Until Next Time!