Roots Story Kit - The Ever-changing House on Charles St

Happy Tuesday Dreamers

Everyone has roots, the place that they came from, or where they are now, and it's always a part of who we are.

I bought the Roots Story Kit earlier this year during the Story Kit Revisited Sale that happened in May. I bought the classroom bundle and got access to 5 story kits from late 2015, one of which was Roots. I knew as soon as I started listening to the presentation that this was going to be one my favorite themes.

I wasn't wrong.

While watching Ali's projects, the first one she shared in the classroom really stuck with me, she did a project on the house that she grew up in. It really sparked the story within me, about the house that I grew up in and how it's forever changing.

Here is my take on the project. 

I am so thankful that Dad uploaded all of the old photos onto a google drive and sent me the link. It's where I found the old photo on the top of what the house used to look like and the picture on the left of the pergola. The bottom right photo is from Good Earth because we currently don't have any photos of the front of the house. My parents still live in this house, so I messaged my mother and asked her to snap a photo for me.

I used some of the journal cards from the Roots Digital Story Kit and sized them down to what I wanted, mostly for the right side of the layout. I wrote my journaling out in 3" wide columns that I printed and cut down using two of my paper trimmers. (One is older and not the best but the only one that can cut anything bigger than a 4X6 and the other one is smaller but a great blade).

I did minor embellishing on this project. Partially because it's my first project using the story kit elements and also because I didn't really feel the need for a lot of embellishing. 

I am proud of myself. Mostly because I finally got this project done! I sent a photo to my parents about the project and my mom loves it. Said that it got her all mushy, which just made me giggle. ((I love you Mom- she sometimes reads my blog))

Until next time