The Hutt's Get Healthy

Happy Days Dearest Dreamers

The topic of health and being healthy has been part of my life since I was 18 years old and getting ready to join the military. For 5.5 years working out was forced upon me and I saw the benefits (and felt the repurcussions) of working out and getting healthy.

I haven't been to the gym since Amy stopped going with me sometime early last year. I won't even lie to you. But I have made it a point to walk around my neighborhood (I was doing it daily when it was cooler and now I am struggling with myself since it's so much hotter outside). But I make up for that (as I tell myself) if I go walk around the mall or a craft store, and just look around. I get steps in, reach my 5K goal (I'd make it higher.... but I sit in class for hours at a time during the week day), and I tell myself that it is better than nothing. OH! I must not forget that I do go to Aquatic therapy two times a week... so I guess I am doing more exercise then I originally thought I was!

Lee and I have had talks about getting healthier in our life and since the one place that I struggle is working out.... we decided to focus on something I could control, which was food. For some reason I have a much better amount of control over that (life with a chronic illness at it's finest) because at least when I am feeling really down... I know that whatever is for dinner (and subsequently lunch the next day) is going to be healthy for me. 

We hardly eat out anymore. I do a lot of cooking. Pinterest has been my best friend on this new adventure! I find and pin tons of healthy recipes that I refer to when we sit down to meal plan for the upcoming week. I want his input on what sounds good so I know that he will eat it.

I also am working on cutting soda out of my diet (I'm holding onto it with the excuse that I currently need caffeine just to make it through this god forsaken Economics class for Summer II.) I do this by drinking at least 1000mL of water a day! I track it in my bullet journal!

Moving forward I am going to be sharing some of our favorite healthy recipes here on the blog! You can also follow us on Instagram to see what else we post related solely to being healthy!

Look forward to progressing forward in this journey. If you have any suggestions of food or workouts or whatever, please don't hesitate to share them with me! I love trying new things!

Until next time,