Week In The Life 2019: Monday

Hello Dearest Dreamers

I hope your Monday is off to a good start. Every year, Ali Edwards hosts a project called Week In The Life and I always try to participate. Last year I didn’t get as far as I wanted too, but this year I did all of the documenting. Each day this week, I will be sharing the photos and journaling with you here on this blog. Hopefully, once I figure out how I want to put my album together, I’ll be able to share the completed project with you as well.

My day started off at the gym. I’ve been coming here for classes for the last four weeks, and I am really proud of myself. I haven’t done Crossfit since 2013, but I’ve rather enjoyed these classes with the trainer Shawn and the other members of the classes.

Our Workout for today:
* 4X4 Deadlifts at 65lbs
*AMRAP16 (As Many Reps As Possible in 16 minutes)
300m row
10 Deadlifts at 65lbs
10 knees to bar

I completed 4 rounds of the AMRAP when the 16 minutes was over and an addition 300m row.

It felt really good to get back to working out. I was sick this past weekend, and I actually missed working out on Saturday or Sunday. It’s weird how you start to train your brain to enjoy/ look forward to working out.


After my workout I needed to get some lunch stuff from Walmart. They recently rearranged our Walmart and I am still getting used to the new layout. I inhaled a quick lunch (one of the Healthy Choice bowls) before cleaning up and heading to some meetings at my school.


I had to go meet with a teacher about a summer internship, and then the person in charge of my department in order to straighten some stuff out to make sure that I graduate on Saturday and am officially done with my degree. I tried to get an independent study worked out, but I have to wait until I come back for my masters to complete the last class of my certification for entrepreneurship.

I went by the Veterans office to pay my final dues as a member of the Student Veterans of America. I also spent some time talking with the advisor about my application for a part time position as her assistant. We’re just waiting on HR to get their behinds in gear for the background check.

After I returned my books to the bookstore (the school does a rental only program for books) I met up with Lee to go get some additional things from PetSmart. We needed more kitty litter and wet/dry food.


Once we got home, we cleaned out the cabinets and fridge in preparation for our families visit later this week. Lee also asked for help to get his drums out of the car. He set them up and started practicing for a little while. I snuck this photo, he didn’t realize I had even opened the door.


A friend of mine stopped by to drop off some certificates that I was unable to personally receive last Friday at a Phi Beta Lambda meeting. These are for being a member of Phi Beta Lambda and also for serving as the group’s Historian for the school year 2018-2019.


I love receiving Happy Mail! I received a package from both Goulet Pens (the Col-o-ring from The Well Appointed Desk), Amazon (the leather cover) and Jet Pens (the Field Notes books).

I also received a fountain pen and a multi pen, both are gifts for friends of mine.


This is what happens when I ask my husband for a photo of the two of us. He came over, sat on me, and stuck his tongue out at me. It’s hard to get serious photos with him unless it’s a special event, but this is our real life.

I look forward to see what tomorrow holds as well as the crafting of the final product album.

Until next time

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