Week In The Life 2019: Tuesday

Welcome back to Tuesday

Tuesday didn’t start out how I wanted it to. At about 0120 we checked our kitty Pearl into the local Animal Hospital. After getting fixed on 01 May, she popped one of her stitches out and it happened to be the one in the middle of the incision. My husband was worried, so we drove her to the after hours clinic (which I didn’t know we had).

We made it back home about 45 minutes later, and decided to leave her in the room with us. We don’t usually allow the kitties to be in our room when we sleep because they’ve been known to pee on our bed. She was fine until about 0430, when she got restless and she had to be moved to the bathroom. Unfortunately, she has to be kept in isolation for a few days to keep her from reopening her wound with the new staples in.


My husband’s alarm went off at 0715 for work. I refused to get out of bed yet. I am exhausted after just 2-3 hours of sleep, and my back is killing me after yesterday’s workout. I need more sleep!


I finally got up a few hours later and now it’s time to feed my cats. Two of them are chilling in the front room, Pearl is still in the crate in the kitchen. The black one is Cinder (Pearl’s brother from the same litter) and the one in the foreground is Eleanor.

Pearl and Cinder were fixed on 01 May and we found out that Cinder is a boy cat, not a girl like we’ve believed for 10 months. That was a fun shock.

We've had Eleanor since July of 2016. We got her from the local Animal Protection Society after she spent 3 years there. She isn’t the most social of cats, but she has gotten better since the kittens came to us last August. She still isn’t fond of them, but she has gotten a lot better as the months has passed.

Pearl still hasn’t come out of her crate yet. She’s probably still al little drugged up after getting her staples in. I’ve fed her and gave her water, and now I need to move her to the bathroom again. I need to go to PetSmart and get an intermediate sized dog crate to put her in so that way she has her bed, her litter box, and her food/water.


Breakfast of champions


Had to do some shopping today for this weekend.

Did you know that Victoria Secret has some amazing lip color? I didn’t either!


This afternoon I had a meeting with a start up company. The two people in charge of the company work at my school. I am going to be assisting them this summer in getting their company off the ground and today we had a meeting about the expectations for this project. I’m excited to see this project come to life and happy that they’re allowing me to be a part of it.


Stopped by and visited my husband at work. This is normal for us and his coworkers know who I am. They all seem to like me there, enough that his boss wants me to work there. At least I got a smiling picture of him!


After I got done visiting my husband at work, I headed across the street to Target. My first stop was to get a Butterbeer Frappaccino at the Target Starbucks. I am excited that the barista actually knew the recipe, but I have it saved in my phone just in case.

I need a new swimsuit for this weekend, as well as some knew Bermuda shorts. I love how long these shorts are and I don’t have to worry about them showing anything that they aren’t supposed to.

Once I got done at Target, I had to drive across town to the House Committee meeting at my VFW. As usual, I didn’t take any photos while there. I always forget to take photos while I am there.

Until Tomorrow!

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