Day in the Life #2 2017

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday! I hope this post finds you well.

Yesterday was the day that Ali Edwards chose to host her second Day In The Life project of the year. If you don't know what that is, you can read more about it here

I was so busy running errands with Lee yesterday that I completely forgot and decided to participate today. I still forgot to take some photos today, but that was because I was enjoying the time with Lee and it slipped my mind. I ended up getting hurt later in the day and that hampered my memory keeping because I ended up laying on the couch. 


I woke up much earlier then Lee today (as per usual on the weekends). He would sleep until noon if I let him, but we usually agree to get him up before then so he doesn't sleep the day away. I got up early to feed Elenor (she gets kind of pushy if it's after 0600) and decided to lay down on the couch and watch card making videos while I waited for Lee to get up. 

I've been on a serious card making kick lately, having made about four cards in the span of a week and ordering supplies to make more. I really enjoy watching Alicia over at Crazy Paper Chick and Amy over at Prairie Paper Inc on YouTube. Those two ladies inspired me to get started and motivate me to make cards (even if they don't know it). It's nice to have some crafting motivation again after having been without it for so long.

Elenor Hutt_1.jpg

Elenor has been wanting more and more attention from me lately, ever since Lee was in the field for a few days this past week. I am not complaining at all, she adores Lee and will always choose him over me for attention, but this cat is pretty silly. She can't make up her mind to save her life.

Today she was being kind of skitso, darting all over the house at a quick pace for no reason. She also has a habit of chasing her tail in a way that I have only ever seen a dog do. It is rather entertaining to watch to say the least. 

Jenn as a pillow_1

Last night we agreed that he would get up around 0900 this morning so we could run some more errands, mostly local things. He decided to collapse on me at first.

It always makes me giggle when he does this. While he is pretty affectionate, he doesn't like to cuddle a whole lot because he overheats pretty quickly (i usually have a blanket on because I am cold and we keep the house at a temperature he is comfortable at- I can always grab a sweatshirt and a blanket), but I sure love it when he does stuff like this. 

Faith & Scars Drum Kit_1

The main errands that we had to run today were to run to Target for some cleaning supplies and some food, as well as returning to Guitar Center. We went last night to sell a snare that Lee had and no longer wanted and purchase a few small bell cymbals in it's place. Last night they didn't have the right key to take the bells off the rack (the gentleman that did left as we first walked in... and we were there for about 30 minutes before anyone realized we needed that key). So they asked us to come back this morning to pick up the bells.

Once we got home and started our cleaning spree, he asked me if I would help him clean the bells. They had been sitting at the store for a while and were pretty dirty. We sat outside together to clean them and I forgot to take a picture of it because we were wrapped up in what we were doing.

My husband has a whole room dedicated to his drums in our house. It's a small room that is technically considered a bedroom because it has a closet, but we always used it as an entertainment room when Memphis lived here. Lee took over it when he moved in because Mem moved his games out into the living room and this room was free. Usually Lee has his entire kit set up in this room and this is where he practices. He has two base drums (the 22"drum is at the bottom of this kit and the 24" is the big drum sitting on the built-ins in the background.

We had just finished cleaning up this room when I took this picture. And yes, that is a record player in the top of the photo. His father gave it to us for Christmas because we wanted one!


We went to Target today to get some more cleaning supplies. We ran out of things like Swiffer wet jet cleaning solution for our kitchen floor. Lee decided to clean the kitchen while I tidied up the living room.

We like moments like this because it's neither one of us saying "hey we need to clean", we both just kind of look at each other and start cleaning.


After a quick walk a little while later, we decided to make a quick run to the Best Buy near us. While we were in Raleigh yesterday (the main reason I forgot to do this yesterday) we got an off-brand piece of equipment that wasn't working. Today we took it to return it and get the proper part. 

Lee bought his first MacBook yesterday while we were in Raleigh. He has been talking for a while about needing a new laptop (his other one was old and not quite working right) and after looking at the Apple Store at the Raleigh Mall, he decided to purchase a gently used Mac from Best Buy (it was cheaper there because it was "Open Box"). Today he spent some time setting up garage band to be able to use it for band stuff. 


I am not sure what happened but I had a back spasm before we went to Best Buy today and it hasn't stopped. I tried to walk through it in hopes that it would go away (life of a Spoonie) but it hasn't gotten better. I took a shower and then decided to lay down. Lee wasn't going to sleep for a while, and my couch isn't long enough for me to lay down on comfortably, so we moved to the bedroom to watch The Matrix Reloaded. 

Sadly though, it even hurts to lay down. It hurts to do anything at the moment. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Update: I ended up hurting myself worse then I realized. At the very least I have a pinched nerve in the back of my right hip. I woke up with Lee Monday morning when he was getting ready to leave work at 0500 and ended up passing out mid-conversation with him. Needless to say we ended up at the local Army hospital (where I passed out a second time) and are still awaiting the results of the blood work and the subsequent X-Ray ordered by my doctor at the VA. At this time I cannot drive myself anywhere, which is incredibly frustrating!)

That's all the photos that I took today, but I remember the rest of the details pretty clearly (surprisingly). We had a productive weekend, getting things accomplished that we really wanted to and just enjoying being together. This is the first weekend we've had together in a while between Army stuff and band stuff, so we really enjoyed it.

Until next time

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