January in Review

Hello friends!

I can't believe that today is already the last day of January! Where the heck did the time go? I can remember the start of the month like it was yesterday!

1. Started the month (and the year) of in Florida! Watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and didn't realize that it was already after midnight

2. Flew back to Germany after three weeks off and I jumped right into a rotation that turned out to not be as busy as it was promised to be. We were told is was going to be one of the biggest rotations of this fiscal year and it started with the unit we were supporting deciding to take a four day weekend and things just went downhill from there! I am super glad it is over!!!

3. I went to Ikea (my first time) and got some much needed items for the apartment (like my new desk chair). I'm crafting this weekend and just happy as can be to have some time off!

4 Thanks to my Command Sergeant Major (CSM), my NCO's are finally being made to send me to the Soldier of the Month Board and then the Promotion Board! I have been trying to go to a board for a while and get promoted and finally someone is working with me to go! It'll be amazing to finally make SGT. The only problem is on top of working on my training program at work, I now have to study for a board AND work on Correspondence Courses to increase my promotion points and put me higher on the list to be promoted! I will hopefully make SGT in April!!!! I just hate all the studying!

I'm getting ready for February that starts tomorrow, which is another month closer to me leaving Germany and starting the next step in my life.

Tell me something about your January!

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