"I Love" Sunday's v.20

Hello friends and happy Sunday! I hope this post finds you well. 
My goal for this series is kind of to share what I am loving about the previous week. I use it as a tool to help me remember what happened each week as well as what I want to document in my PL album. Please feel free to play along (doesn't have to be on a Sunday) and share a link to a post about something (or a list) of what you're loving this week?

** CreativeLive's class: Scrapbooking with Project Life with Becky Higgins: This is NOT a new class. This class is actually from 2013! But I noticed on Friday on Twitter, that they were streaming the class live for everyone to enjoy. I LOVE CreativeLive classes! They are super informative and I love hearing from a professional in a specific field, about a specific topic. The best part of this class.... it's taught by the woman who created Project Life! The first day is just basics of the system, how it was created, the different products, and things like that. Day 2 is spent on integrating technology into Project Life with the help of several special guests, different ideas for mini albums, and odd sized photos. Day 3 is all about the photo's with tips, journaling your stories, and social media and Project Life! I've learned quite a lot about Project Life... I've made plans and notes about what I want to do... and most importantly, I am feeling pretty motivated to actually get something done. Be on the lookout for a Project Life centered post based on this class and my thoughts about it all! Do you do Project Life or traditional scrapbooking? Let's talk about it! Drop me a line here, through email, or on Facebook so we can talk about it!!!

** Day 3 of a 4 day weekend. Which is good, since like I mentioned Friday, Mo had surgery on the day before on his ankle. He came home Thursday afternoon and his roommate hung out with him until I got there. I managed to switch my shift with a coworker since I was supposed to work until 9 p.m. (and there was NO way I was driving 2.5 hours after working ALL day and into the night) who is my hero and I got to leave at 4 p.m. instead. I had to take him to two doctor's appointments for his ankle on Friday and then we picked up food for the weekend. Yesterday we went on a quick shopping trip for more gauze so he can actually take a full bath and not get the stitches or wound wet, and then we just hung out at the apartment all day. We made breakfast together, which is always kind of a must for us. I'm trying to be more helpful to him this weekend just by doing simple stuff for him because even though he isn't on pain medicine right now, it's still hard for him to walk. Tomorrow I have to take him to work since he can't drive yet and then to another appointment for his ankle in the afternoon. Usually, in the military, when you have ANY kind of surgery... you get a couple of days off (even tooth removal) but he is expected to go back to work on Monday, which kind of irritates me. He can't wear his boots, so he's either going in his "soft shoes" (running shoes) or in his civilian slacks and AFN polo shirt. 

** Mo took his little Monster Mo to work. He even let him talk on the mic. I made this little crochet monster for the upcoming Relay for Life in my community. I plan on making them in various colors and sizes to help raise money for my Relay for Life team. If you would like to donate to Relay for Life or purchase anything from me, please drop me an email and we can work out specifics!

** 30 Days of Lists began: So technically, it began on the first, and I believe that was last Sunday... but whatever! I am pretty stoked! I decided to incorporate this round of 30 Days of Lists into my self-PL album and have been writing the lists out and placing them in the album. I have to remember to take pictures sometimes, but I think that will come with a Self-PL album post at a later date (there are so many post ideas running around in my head that I went and bought a new notebook so I can write them all down). I just love this project because I love making lists and being creative.

** I only work 3 days this week. This weekend that is coming to a close was a 4 day weekend imposed solely by my Team Commander since when we're in rotation we don't get a lot of time off (other then 1 day each week). Next month starts rotation mania, so this year he is trying to give us as much time off as possible. We're supposed to be enjoying traveling around Germany and other European countries while we here, but last year our work schedule was SO hectic, that Mo and I didn't do ANY traveling... we barely left the apartment on days off. This year we're hoping to change that, especially since Mo PCS's to Hawaii at the end of the year. We got goals and plans! ANYWAY, next weekend is a training holiday 4 Day made mandatory by the commander of Europe training forces. It's their way to ensure families have time to travel while being stationed in Europe. AS I said though, last year, my section of my team didn't get this time off.... now we do. And it's AWESOME! Friday is Mo's birthday and our whole plan is just to hang out, go eat dinner at our favorite Irish pub, and spend time together (especially because he won't be fully healed from this surgery by then).

.: Little Loves:.
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What are you loving about last week?