"I Love" Sunday's v.57

** Last Sunday (after sharing my previous "I Love" Sunday's post) my friend Sarah and I worked together to try out this new recipe for Cheeseburger Cups. I shared the recipe and my thoughts on it this past Tuesday!

** Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which meant Mem was at home with me. I didn't feel like leaving unless I had too, so instead, I decided to share with you my 25 Before 25!

** Thursday brought all of my stuff from Germany! It was so nice to see all of my belongings again after so long of only having what was in my suitcase. And not a moment too soon because Friday brought "Winter Storm Jonas" to North Carolina, where everything pretty much shut down. There was a lot of rain and ice and my winter clothes were much appreciated. I had to scrape a lot of people's windshields (because I was the only person with a scraper) when we had to move the cars in the apartment complex due to falling branches. On Thursday, Sarah and her kids came to visit us and hang out with Amy and I while we waited on my stuff to arrive. I got some snuggles with the littlest member of our group.

** Wednesday evening brought another job interview (although this one was more promising then the last one). Now I am just waiting to hear back (the winter storm kind of threw off the waiting timeline). Wish me luck you guys! My little family is optimistic because she said she was doing a background check immediately after the interview was over, so let's hope that is a good sign. (I have nothing to worry about in a background check)

** Today, Mem and I ventured out of the house so I could make a Target run. I am participating in a grey Valentines Day card swap and I needed to get my supplies. That was quite a little adventure for us. We spent a while searching for some good geeky related items as well as searching through the dollar bin (which is my favorite area.... but kind of dangerous cuz I can spend some serious money on the dollar bin!)

** The other night I got to have a Skype call with my best friend of over 10 years. We haven't really talked much since our Disney trip, other then a few random Facebook exchanges here and there. This is fine because we always pick right back up like nothing happened. Well, this call was mainly to work out the details for a group cosplay that we're working on, which is always fun for us. She is a great seamstress (I am still learning) and a great cosplayer!

.: Link Love :.

This week I wanted to share some additional awesome links that I really love!

** This post from Kimi Who onHow To Be a Good Blog Sponsor - I've been looking into sponsoring other blogs as well as creating my own sponsorship program, and I think this is a good read and a good place to start!

** Through some blog reading I was introduce to Chelsie at Life with Rosie. She shared this post about The Negative Side of Blogging Culture that I really agreed with. It seems like some bloggers whole goal is to rag on other bloggers and leave nasty comments just because they don't agree with something that a particular blogger said. We need to stop being mean to each other and start supporting each other. This was a good read (and a nice introduction to a new-to-me blogger!

** This is an awesome Star Wars Nail Art video from Nerdy Mermaid. She is crazy talented and I really wish that I knew how to do stuff like this!

.: Little Loves :.

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What are you loving from this past week?